brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> >You're correct that the Israelites were descendants of Shem, which makes
<> >them Semites.  And the jews who claim that they aren't Semites [read:
<> >descendants of Shem] are correct,
<> Who are these?
<> >but it's not clear that their claim that
<> >they're descendants of Ashkenaz is correct.
<> No one but you claims that any Jew is a descendant of Ashkenaz.
<Is Koestler not a jew?  Does he not make this claim?  Or are you a LIAR?

So, Koestler's word is Truth then?   If so, you must also agree
with what he wrote of the Holocaust, in the New York Times 
Magazine during the midst of the War:

    So far three million have died. It is the
    greatest mass killing in recorded history;  
    and it goes on daily, hourly, as
    regularly as the ticking of your watch.

Chew on that for a bit, then we'll move on to Koestler's
rather odd views on synchronicity.  Won't that be fun?

-- cary

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