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> > > The
> > > Old Testament Roots
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> >
> > You might want to read
> > for something remotely resembling facts and modern research (rather
> > than Romantic-era pseudo-historical twaddle).
> >
> > The Israelites were a Semitic tribe, not Caucasian. If you want to
> > argue with that, the first piece of evidence you have to discard is
> > your own Bible, and the second is history. Now, once you do that,
> > you're free to believe whatever you wish -- but please keep your
> > delusions to yourself. No one here (in any of the newsgroups but
> > especially alt.religion.wicca) is buying.
> >
> > Justin / Taliesin of Earthstar
> You're correct that the Israelites were descendants of Shem, which makes
> them Semites.  And the jews who claim that they aren't Semites [read:
> descendants of Shem] are correct, but it's not clear that their claim that
> they're descendants of Ashkenaz is correct.

Laddiebuck, has anyone ever explained the concept of "Fallacy of

OK, let's go back to step one. The Jews are a Semitic people, both by
language (your definition) and by genetics. According to
Judeo-Christian myth, they are physically descended from Abraham.

> And the jews who claim that they aren't Semites [read:
> descendants of Shem] are correct, but it's not clear that their claim that
> they're descendants of Ashkenaz is correct.

What of it? In the first place, not all modern Jews claim descent from
the Kazars. In the second place, if a person is born Jewish or adopted
Jewish, they are still considered full Jew within the culture. Read
your Book of Ruth if you don't believe it - Ruth was a Moabite who had
married into a Hebrew tribe, but she s still considered Jewish, else
David (her descendant) could not also be Jewish. It doesn't matter if
a person was descended from Ashkenaz or or from Joe Schmoe from
Kokomo, if they convert to Judaism, they become Jewish -- and hence,
by their myths, become inheritors of the Covenant made with Abraham.
In that context, you're left with one inescapable conclusion: Hebrews
= Jews = Israelites.

(I guess I need to define a term here. The word "myth" means "a story
that is culturally significant." It has nothing to do woth historicity
-- butthere are many "myths" that Judaism and Christianity both

Guess what, John -- the Jews who inhabit Israel, and other countries,
share this ancestry, either biologically (physical descendants of
Israel), or legally (adopted people of the tribes). If you want to be
Jewish, that's on your own nickle, and I respect your right to the
choice. But you need to go through the proper steps, such as
converting to Judaism or marrying into a Jewish family.

If you want a _tribal_ identification, then call them Hebrews.

> However, there were several million Israelites with Moses when he left
> Egypt, and it was the Israelites who dispersed to all parts of the world,
> particularly to Europe and Ireland.  Every European nation is aware of it's
> Israelite ancestry, so you're going to have a hard time convincing them
> otherwise

If the Celts were of Hebrew ancestry (there is, incidentally, no
genetic link, but let's be hypothetical for a moment, shall we), they
had abandoned the Covenant long before they moved to Galicia. They
worshipped multiple Gods, ate pork, collected the heads of their
enemies, some of them ran around naked except for the lime or woad
they had painted on their bodies. Prostitution and concubinage were
not only allowed, but legally sanctioned, and they may have engaged in
human sacrificial rites. (Historic evidenceis a bit unclear on that
last point). Assuming that the Judeo-Christian myths are the proper
context here, if the Celts had been the purported "10 Lost Tribes,"
Yahweh would have booted their asses out of the Covenant so fast that
their descendant's still would not have hit the ground.

John, I've noticed that some Christians are able to accept that they
(again, according to their myths) are "adopted" sons of Abraham
without trying to push the "firstborn" out of the way. And I've
noticed that some who claim to be Christian seem to think that the
only way that they can "prove" their "fitness" is to dispariage the
Jews. Which category do you fall in?

That's a serious question, John -- not a flame, an insult, or a troll.

> The low cranial capacity and IQ and standardized test scores of all jews
> everywhere, coupled with the similarity of the DNA within the race, and the
> fact that their DNA is much different than that of Israelites, is already
> proof enough of the connection.

Oh, please. Josef Mengele tried the same form of logic, and look where
it got him.

Oops. Godwin's Law has been invoked. That's alright, I have neither
time nor inclination to try to argue you out of your idiocy. Proverbs
26:4 comes to mind: "Answer not a fool according to his folly, lest
thou also be like unto him." (In case you're wondering, the last IS an
insult. I didn't want you to miss it.)

Justin / Taliesin of Earthstar
<Very, very glad that while some Wiccans may be stupid, very few have
engaged in anything so colossally boneheaded as to resemble Christian
Identity doublespeak.>

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