brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Fri Sep 6 17:55:36 EST 2002

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> [Other groups snipped]
> > Get this shit out of here (bionet.neuroscience) or you'll get tossed.
> Brian,
> Unless my grasp of the English language is slipping, "getting this
> shit out of here" is precidely what I recommended.

Then we agree, Taliesin :-)

> Seriously, I realize that it is irritating when someone posts
> off-topic subjects to a newsgroup -- I believe that you can understand
> that I am just as irritated that this drivel is appearing in
> alt.religion.wicca. However, cursing the firefighter is not going to
> put out the fire.

Sure, but it would be nice to tell their ISP's that they are SPAMMING.
One example; I doubt that I would post neuroscience posts in
But I would challenge readers at with this post, because it is
a challenge to understand the mind.
Spamming is not challenging, it is annoying.

> (And yes, I realize that there is little chance of putting out this
> particular fire: trolling on Usenet pre-dates both you and I.
> Nevertheless, one does occasionally have to "answer a fool according
> to his folly, lest he be wise in his own conceit.")
> Justin / Taliesin of Earthstar


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