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> <> >You're correct that the Israelites were descendants of Shem, which
> <> >them Semites.  And the jews who claim that they aren't Semites [read:
> <> >descendants of Shem] are correct,
> <>
> <> Who are these?
> <>
> <> >but it's not clear that their claim that
> <> >they're descendants of Ashkenaz is correct.
> <>
> <> No one but you claims that any Jew is a descendant of Ashkenaz.
> <>
> <
> <Is Koestler not a jew?  Does he not make this claim?  Or are you a LIAR?
> <
> <
> So, Koestler's word is Truth then?   If so, you must also agree
> with what he wrote of the Holocaust, in the New York Times
> Magazine during the midst of the War:
>     So far three million have died. It is the
>     greatest mass killing in recorded history;
>     and it goes on daily, hourly, as
>     regularly as the ticking of your watch.
> Yes?
> Chew on that for a bit, then we'll move on to Koestler's
> rather odd views on synchronicity.  Won't that be fun?
> -- cary

You didn't follow this exchange very carefully, did you?

lojbab claimed that jews do NOT claim to be descendants of Ashkenaz.
Koestler not only is a jew who claimed this, but he and his wife were
murdered just for making the claim (or at least for publishing it against
the will of zionists).

Does this mean he was telling the truth?  Nothing a jew ever says can be
trusted to be the truth.  But when you have two LIARS telling LIES against
each other, a certain amount of truth emerges.

Russians believe that Koestler was LYING.  Having travelled quite a bit in
the area that was once Khazaria, the Russian version seems more credible
than the jew version.

iow, this entire story may have been cooked up by the zionists to distract
our attention from the REAL genealogy of the "jews", which is still quite a

We know the ancestry of most Europeans, Russians, Americans, Asians,
Africans, Indians (both India and US)--but not "jews".  The notion that an
empire that covered a geographical territory that was once larger than the
US (for a number of centuries) could have existed without anyone's knowledge
is bizarre, so Koestler's story is suspect.

One thing is certain:  jews are NOT Israelites.

John Knight

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