brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Sat Sep 7 10:10:38 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>Neither one of you "liberal" mud race traitors have ever taken the time to
>explain to us honkeys what it is about us that you don't like us to enjoy
>our right to free association.

Your right stops at your neighbor's nose.  He has rights too.

>Why don't you take the time now to carefully outline exactly what is it
>about us honkeys that you "think" your "right" to interfere in our private,
>family, business, and educational affairs exceeds our right to refuse you

As long as your affairs are private, we don't care.  remember WE are
the ones who don't think adultery and other things behind closed doors
should be illegal. They are none of the public's business; YOU are the
one who thinks otherwise.  Your family matters should be private
unless criminal abuse takes place.  

However, note that marriage is a civil action, not a "family matter".
Thus people turn to the state to get married, and to the state to
resolve divorces.

Likewise, your educational choices are yours so long as YOU pay for
them.  Business is another story; the constitution explicitly gives
the right for the federal government to regulate interstate commerce,
and states similarly have the right to regulate intrastate commerce.

>We know you want the money.

What money?

>We know that you love to see us working 42 days
>of every year JUST to earn the money that pays JUST the taxes which fund
>JUST the welfare which is paid JUST to niggers, but it's more than that,

Nincompoop, you have little right to complain, given that you refused
to support your kids.  It cost the government around $25-30K just to
house you in the penitentiary for each year you spent, not to mention
the money spent bringing you to justice.  So you probably got more tax
money spent on you on that, than you've paid for years.


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