brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >The purpose is to prevent whites from appreciating and
>> >absorbing their own culture
>> There is no "white culture".
>The White Christian Israelite Race

There is no such thing.

>is a "white culture"

A "race" is a "culture".  Now there is an interesting twist of
language.  Too bad it isn't the English language.  Care to translate
from nincompoopese?

There is no "white culture"

>which subsidizes
>many mud cultures that we should NOT be subsidizing, especially if this is
>all we get in return.
>> There is "Western culture" which excludes the whites of Asia and
>> includes the non-whites of South America; there might be something
>> called "European culture" that excludes the Western Hemisphere as well
>> as Asia, but there really are limits to that which is shared by
>> Britain and Albania, Spain and Russia.
>This White Christian Israelite Race has one thing in common:  Christianity.

No it doesn't.  There are hundreds of millions of Christians that are
not white, and hundreds of millions of whites that are not Christian.

>That itty bitty racial detail happens to transcend any single trait of
>nationality, ethnicity, geography, history, law, physics, music, science,
>and even "religion".

Sounds like nincompoop nonsense to me.  "Race" and "culture" that
transcends ethnicity, when "ethnicity" is defined by sharing a
culture.  This supposed "culture" has to do with "Christianity" but
that it "transcends even 'religion'".

It also happens to be a LIE, spoken by you on behalf of your master
the Prince of Lies.

>The snow white

What are they?  Albinos?

>White Christian Israelites of North Dakota are of identical
>appearance, manners, morals, ethnicity, race, and religion of White
>Christian Israelites in Tvara, Russia,

More nonsense and lies.

>You're a confirmed, died in the wool, lost mamzer who doesn't come even
>close to deserving the title "white", much less "White".
>You're the classic living example of why the children of miscegenation have
>so much trouble in every society they ever infested.

I don't have nearly the trouble that you have.  I'm happily married,
raising my kids.  I haven't gone to jail for refusing to support my
kids, unlike YOU.

>But you also claimed that we were "exaggerating" when we told you that 70%
>of the voters in one state voted to OUTLAW marriages between sodomites,
>didn't you?

Did I?  Let's see the citation.

>> It appears that Dr. Ignatiev is attempting to provoke controversy and
>> make a name for himself and his ideas through his provocative
>> expression.
>> I can't say that I support him, but I don't think he is "wrong" is the
>> way the nincompoop is always "wrong".
>Are you "feeling strongly both ways", again?

Have you stopped beating your ten wives again?

>Do you feel strongly that he has "A sound idea", as well as feeling strongly
>that you "can't say that [you] support him"?


>You just DID say that you support him by saying that he has a sound idea.


There are many sound ideas that I do not support.  One sound idea
would be to keelhaul you.  But I don't support that idea, because it
would be unconstitutional cruel and unusual punishment.  It doesn't
make it any less sound.

>an electronic biscuit

I wonder what one of those would taste like.  Sounds unappetizing to

>Their brainwashing experiment has been a complete success, which means
>you're a complete loss.

I'm not the loser that you are.

>To society, and to yourself--but not to the White Christian Israelite Race,
>because you were never a member anyway.

How would you know?  Have you checked my DNA?

>Would you mind explaining one more time why you believe you and your
>mamzerites have a "right" to impose yourself on my non-existing White Race,
>when we want to have nothing to do with you muds?

You are the one imposing on us.  We would be happy if you went away.
But we are not holding our breath waiting.


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