brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

bobx23456 bobx23456 at
Sat Sep 7 11:24:59 EST 2002

John Knight wrote:

> So let's play along with your game to see if we can get you to admit 
> what's wrong?  Is the following what you "think" is "Not Pretty"?  Is 
> this what you don't like to hear?  Does thinking about this really 
> bother you all that much?:
>    1. You know the commandments: `Do not murder, 

So Moses, who is credited with this law, didn't have a problem killing a 
half million people so he could take their land, cattle, and sell their 
daughters into slavery (after giving half the daughters to the troops 
for their amusement.)  Do as he said, not as he did.  Pathetic.

Of course if today's Jews had half the guts of Moses they would have 
taken care of the Palestinians some decades ago.

>        do not commit adultery,

But its okay to give half the 32,000 captured "women who had not known a 
man by lying together" to the troops, and let the church sell the other 
half as slaves and pocket the money.  Pathetic.

>       do not steal, 

But its okay to murder half a million people and take their land, their 
cattle, and their daughters.  Pathetic.

>    2. In our law Moses commanded that [adulteresses
>       <>] must be stoned to death,
>       John 8:5

That's consistent with "Do not kill?"   Pathetic.

If your whole system weren't so pathetically fucked up you might have an argument, but you don't.


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