brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> [forgive the top-posting; I didn't want to snip a word]
> Bob, thank you.  I totally blew it in my response.  I humbly apologize to
> (doubtless oblivious) Dr. Ignatiev for my knee-jerk reaction which led
> me to lump him with likes of Farrakan, Kahane, Duke and the `poop.
> Ignatiev is obviously using inflammatory language for effect, and
> I tripped over the style and fell flat on my face before noticing
> the substance: that he is advocating nothing more than tearing
> the door off the Seekret Treehouse and letting the inmates
> out.  I applaud everything of his you quote, although like you
> I don't buy into his economics-explains-all epistomology.
> Well, off to practice my favorite form of Race Treachery: listening
> to one of my 400-plus jazz CDs.
> -- cary


Well said, Yuriy,

For a long time, what it was that caused Americans to be so uniformly misled
by a whole host of subjects, all the way from their own Israelite roots to
simple scientific facts (like the scientific fact that the "theory" of
evolution doesn't even meet the basic scientific definition of "theory",
much less is it a valid observation), was a complete mystery.  Then TIMSS
comes along, and we discover that we're DEAD LAST in 17 of 34 TIMSS
subjects, something that not even all the niggers and Mexicans who now take
these tests even begins to explain.  Complete FABRICATIONS of events,
people, nations, cities, and cultures that I personally witnessed are
accepted as fact by most Americans who couldn't even begin to comprehend how
big and successful the LIES have been.  The LIE about Stalin may have been
the best and longest kept "American" [read: zionist] secret.

It was YOU who proved that the LIES are being promulgated by LYING jews, and
for that we shall all be eternally grateful:  not only for presenting the
facts from a completely different perspective, and for doing it with such
eloquence and accuracy, but for breaking the ice about critiquing the STUPID
things that jews in this country have been doing and getting away with for a
century now.

You may not realize how many eyes you've opened, Yuriy, but you can bet that
the sea change we've witnessed on this forum was to your credit.

So your point about how much our history was polluted by jews, and that
"Jews never lived in Khazaria and there was never a Tatar-Mongol invasion of
Russia" deserves our closest scrutiny.  What you say is entirely consistent
with what I've witnessed, which means tossing out several more "American
legends" [read: jewish LIES].  But every time what a jew wrote conflicts
with what I personally witnessed, which is every day now, proves that you're
right, "The loose ends are everywhere".

It's time to tie up the loose ends.



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> Such knowledgeable groups as of Fomenko of Moscow University who
> published
> extensive and highly scientific literature states that the whole of the
> European history
> is a complete invention.
> The analysis of the available historical data was made anew using the
> computers
> and the mathematical apparatus of statistics. If John Knight wishes I
> can scan
> and post some of the computer generated charts. There is not a single
> piece
> of historical information dated earlier than 700 after Christ.
> Jews never lived in Khazaria and there was never a Tatar-Mongol invasion
> of
> Russia. The whole of the history was invented by the swindlers of the
> Western
> Europe of Jewish and German descent. They invented their history as it
> fit their ambitions only several hundreds years ago. For that reason
> they destroyed
> most of the most important data both in Europe and Russia and that is
> why the
> official history cannot cope with the history of the White race.
> The loose ends are everywhere. Only because the Westerners have much
> of vested interest in the present fake history they prefer not to notice
> that
> this history is a sheer nonsense composed by Martin Lindstedts and
> Zundels
> of that time. (I do not mean Zundel's discovery of fake Jewish Holocaust
> but
> I do mean his hiding of the real Russian Holocaust undertaken by the
> Jews
> and Germans to hide the true history behind the fake controversy.)
> However, some of the information survived especially in the Western
> sources
> because to wipe out absolutely everything was extremely difficult.
> For example, the drawings of the First Europeans in America look
> entirely
> different than modern Europeans imagine them to be and such enigmas are
> everywhere. Precisely because the European created myths are so rudely
> made
> forgeries every one of them ends behind the veils of obscurity.
> Yuriy Kirienko
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> > <> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
> > <> >You're correct that the Israelites were descendants of Shem, which
> makes
> > <> >them Semites.  And the jews who claim that they aren't Semites
> > [read: <> >descendants of Shem] are correct, <>
> > <> Who are these?
> > <>
> > <> >but it's not clear that their claim that
> > <> >they're descendants of Ashkenaz is correct.
> > <>
> > <> No one but you claims that any Jew is a descendant of Ashkenaz.
> > <>
> > <
> > <Is Koestler not a jew?  Does he not make this claim?  Or are you a
> > <
> > <
> >
> > So, Koestler's word is Truth then?   If so, you must also agree
> > with what he wrote of the Holocaust, in the New York Times Magazine
> > during the midst of the War:
> >
> >     So far three million have died. It is the
> >     greatest mass killing in recorded history;
> >     and it goes on daily, hourly, as
> >     regularly as the ticking of your watch.
> >
> >
> > Yes?
> >
> >
> > Chew on that for a bit, then we'll move on to Koestler's rather odd
> > views on synchronicity.  Won't that be fun?
> >
> >
> > -- cary
> You didn't follow this exchange very carefully, did you?
> lojbab claimed that jews do NOT claim to be descendants of Ashkenaz.
> Koestler not only is a jew who claimed this, but he and his wife were
> murdered just for making the claim (or at least for publishing it
> against the will of zionists).
> Does this mean he was telling the truth?  Nothing a jew ever says can be
> trusted to be the truth.  But when you have two LIARS telling LIES
> against each other, a certain amount of truth emerges.
> Russians believe that Koestler was LYING.  Having travelled quite a bit
> in the area that was once Khazaria, the Russian version seems more
> credible than the jew version.
> iow, this entire story may have been cooked up by the zionists to
> distract our attention from the REAL genealogy of the "jews", which is
> still quite a mystery.
> We know the ancestry of most Europeans, Russians, Americans, Asians,
> Africans, Indians (both India and US)--but not "jews".  The notion that
> an empire that covered a geographical territory that was once larger
> than the US (for a number of centuries) could have existed without
> anyone's knowledge is bizarre, so Koestler's story is suspect.
> One thing is certain:  jews are NOT Israelites.
> John Knight

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