brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >    1. You know the commandments: `Do not murder,
>> So Moses, who is credited with this law, didn't have a problem killing a
>> half million people so he could take their land, cattle, and sell their
>> daughters into slavery (after giving half the daughters to the troops
>> for their amusement.)  Do as he said, not as he did.  Pathetic.
>Why don't you learn the difference between "murder" and "kill" before you
>criticize Moses?

What the Israelites did to the natives was most certainly murder.

>Moses was an Israelite, and many of these Palestinians you want to *murder*
>are his direct descendants,

Tell us all about the direct descendants of Moses.  Which son or
daughter are they descended from?  Then tell us why any Palestinian
would claim to be descended from Moses?

>whereas these "jews" you want to *murder* them
>for you may not even be genetically linked to anyone from that territory

But the Jews ARE linked genetically to the Semitic peoples including
the Palestinians.

>If the're descendants of Khazars, as "jews" claim they are, and if there's
>no genetic link between the Khazars and Ashkenaz, then they can't even claim
>to be Ashkenazi jews

Of course they can, because Ashkenazi Jews are those that practice the
rituals of Ashkenazi Jews, and no more nor less.

>(and even if they were Ashkenazi jews, this would not make them
> Semites, Hebrews, descendants of Abraham, nor Israelites).

But they are.

>> >        do not commit adultery,
>> But its okay to give half the 32,000 captured "women who had not known a
>> man by lying together" to the troops, and let the church sell the other
>> half as slaves and pocket the money.  Pathetic.
>If you've been enslaved for centuries by another race, this is sometimes the
>only way to preserve your own race, which is what the Israelites did, very

1.  You just argued in a recent post that there were 1.8 million women
and children that left Egypt with those 600 thousand soldiers.
Explain why rape is needed to preserve one's race.

2.  You have claimed that by Deuteronomy, any offspring of the
Israelites by such women would be mamzers and not Israelites, so that
would NOT preserve the race.  

3.  God did not say "Thou shalt not commit adultery except when it is
the only way to preserve your own race."  God said "Thou shalt not
commit adultery.  Period. 

4. God said HE would ensure that their race would continue so long as
they kept the convenant, because they were the chosen people.  Why
would Israelites have to commit rape and adultery?

>> But its okay to murder half a million people and take their land, their
>> cattle, and their daughters.  Pathetic.
>Again, you need to learn the difference between "steal" and "war".  When a
>race is fighting for its existence, it needs to maintain order at home at
>the same time it defends itself.

Stealing is stealing, even in time of war.

>At the least, get your definitions straight first,

Why don't you?


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