brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Sat Sep 7 17:00:29 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>> >Sooo, you want to stick to the "New Testament" and throw out the
>> > "Old", cary?  Why exactly would that be?  Would you mind explaining
>> > that?  No?
>> Can't understand English as usual, nincompoop?  Cary said quite
>> clearly that it was YOU who seemed to be insisting on the Old
>> Testament rules that YOU (and almost all of the 2 billion Christians,
>> barring only those such as the Jews for Jesus) do not keep.
>So, here we are, back to you "feeling strongly both ways" again, eh, lojbab?

I said nothing about how I "feel", or even about me at all.  I am
talking about YOU, nincompoop.

>Once again, your argument is with yourself, not with White Christian Israelites.

No my argument is with YOU, since I don't thing that there are any
such things.
>Cary says:  "they're by temperament far more comfortable with the Old Testament ambiance", and you, a "liberal", then "interpret" this to mean exactly the opposite:
>  "Cary said quite clearly that it was YOU who seemed to be insisting on the Old
>  Testament rules that YOU do not keep"

Nope.  "comfortable with the Old Testament ambiance" means that you
are into the Old Testament God who made lots of laws (that He knew
people wouldn't keep), had His people punish their enemies with the
sword and their sinners with stoning to death.  The New Testament has
Jesus summarizing the Law as being two things: love God and love your
neighbor as yourself, has people turn the other cheek for their
enemies, and has God forgiving sinners.  You argue the Old Testament
laws and hence are more comfortable with its ambience.  But of course
you don't keep the Old Testment laws yourself, you just selectively
try to wield them against your opponents.

But in the Old Testament, God is just as insistent on keeping the laws
on circumstance, idolatry, the Passover, nor eating pork, etc. as he
is about sodomy and adultery.  You can't pick and choose which
commandments you will keep, and the Old Testament has a lot more than
10 commandments.

>Do you ever get embarassed when you make these 180 degree
> contradictory statements?

Do you ever get embarrassed by the fact that you cannot understand

>Cary is accusing White Christian Israelites of sticking too close to the Old Testament, and you "interpret" this to mean that he's accusing Israelites of NOT "insisting on the Old Testament rules".

No.  Cary says that you insist on the rules and so do I; BUT we agree
that you don't follow those rules.  You are a hypocrite.


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