brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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John Knight <jwknight at> wrote:
>Think again. All those
>promises meant was that the same people who failed before would take
>some extra courses and get bigger paychecks signed by someone else. Let
>me tell you something: training can't turn foreigners into loyal,
>dedicated White Americans.

Of course, September 11th was not a failure of screeners -- box
cutters were viewed as tools instead of weapons at the time, and not
something that policy said couldn't be taken onto a plane.

The failure was with those who set policy, but their jobs have never
been in question for some reason.

I am curious, though, if the author John quotes feels that Timothy
McVeigh was a "loyal, dedicated White American."

Luckily, the security measures that will succeed in preventing another
September 11th are in place, and it has little to do with screening.
The measures in place were illustrated when passengers restrained
Richard Reid (another name that doesn't sound Middle Eastern), and
when a pilot reports a problem and a pair of F-16s drop in out of
nowhere to escort the plane to an airport.

>Why are they allowed to man
>our security checkpoints and have access to our military and commercial

The author is under the impression that the folks working airport
screening have access to military and commercial secrets?   Please.

>sane immigration policy, similar to the one we had for all of American
>history prior to 1965, when the Jews opened the floodgates of non-White
>immigration. We need an immigration policy that would have stopped
>Mohammed Atta at the border and said "America is a White country. You
>cannot live here. You cannot attend our flight schools. Go back where
>you came from." And we need an immigration policy that would have
>stopped the ancestors of the William Kristols and Jacob Schiffs and
>Michael Eisners and Ari Fleischers and told them "America is a White
>country. You cannot live here. You cannot buy our broadcast networks or
>film studios or newspapers. Go back where you came from."  Without the
>racial agenda of the Jews bringing America into these wars, and without
>colonies of the belligerents themselves within our borders, America
>would be a much safer place.

Unfortunately for the author, Jews were in America since the
Revolutionary War.  The first American President to address a
Synogogue was George Washington.

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