The real answer to tackling the problem of severe mental illness

LostBoyinNC deepsand562 at aol.comInsane
Sat Sep 7 23:06:44 EST 2002

Psychiatry is a broken institution. The "biopsychosocial" model of mental
illness mentioned further down the page here exemplifies the many problems
within psychiatry. Psychiatry has a leadership problem. Psychiatry has a lack
of credible research problem. Psychiatry has an attitude problem. Psychiatry is
so mired down in residual psychological ideas of what causes mental illness,
that its just not worth trying to salvage. Psychiatry is NOT WORTH trying to
salvage.  Its the equivalent of a ship thats still afloat, but has torpedo
holes shot all thru it and its just a matter of time before it goes down on its

The real answer to the problems discussed on this NG is to formally merge
psychiatry into Neurology. Dr. Fuller Torrey advocates this very idea. I
personally agree with him, although I had come to this very same conclusion on
my own years before I ever read about Dr. Torrey's opinions.

All of the severe forms of mental illness need to be formally reclassified as
Neurological disorders of the brain and formally removed from the category of
psychiatric/psychological disorders. Then Neurology must take over the job
previously done by psychiatry. Neurology should also take over the
administration of all psychiatric hospitals in the USA. Neurologists should be
running these hospitals, not psychiatrists.

Psychiatry has never done a good job at accurately diagnosing and treating
severe forms of mental illness....and it never will. We must force psychiatry
OUT, replacing it with a hard science oriented branch of medicine focused on
the brain and the CNS. And the ONLY branch of medicine that fits that bill is

Basic course in logic 101:

Psychiatry is bullshit...psychiatrists are full of shit

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