brain sizes: Einstein's & women's

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"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
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>> The Talmud came from Babylon.

No.  Parts of it are CALLED the Babylonian Talmud.

>It is the traditions of men.

Yes.  So is all religion.  The Bible is part of the traditions of
Christians, who are men (and women).

>Jesus said all that followed that man made tradition was the synagogue of Satan.

Jesus said no such thing.  He said that the practices of some
particular Jews (the Pharisees) were are perversion of the will of God
(just as Thomas Jefferson said that the teachings of Paul were a
Platonic perversion of the pure moral teachings of Christ).  The
Pharisees were hardly all of Judaism; they were merely the power
structure of the Jews in Judea.  At the time of Christ, most Jews
lived outside of Judea (Roman censuses record over a million in
Alexandria of Egypt alone) and had little to do with the Pharisees.

>It has nothing to do with the Bible.

Does it claim to have anything to do with the Bible?

>It calls Jesus a bastard

In a sense he is.  After all, His Father was not married to Mary (who
of course to the world around not aware of the miracle would have been
seen as an adulteress).  Joseph was only his adoptive father if one
takes the virgin birth literally; none of his genes were in Jesus (of
course then the genealogy of Matthew 1 is irrelevant and a lie, since
Joseph could not have begat Jesus, but we have to ignore such Biblical
contradictions - Matthew and Luke knew nothing about DNA genetics).

>> and Christian are despised by it's followers.

Why not?  Christians only reaction to them is to either despise them
or to attempt to turn them away from their tradition which they feel
are their obligation to God.  Whether YOU feel this is an erroneous
obligation is irrelevant to them; the commitments described in the Old
Testament between God and the Jews are worthy of the loyalty that the
Jews hold towards their traditions.

>> Read a close translation of it that has not been
>> doctored and you will see this is true or have someone who has a translation
>> send some of the translations to you. We have been deceived.

No one has "deceived" anyone, since the purpose of the Talmud is to
educate Jews, not to deceive Christians.


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