brain sizes: Einstein's & women's

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> On Sat, 7 Sep 2002 21:09:35 -0500, Eastern Mystic John Porker Knight wrote
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> > If you've got enough time to live in this Christian nation and take
> > advantage of its protection of free speech, then you've got enough time
> > say: Yes, or no?
> I don't live in the same country you do; I live in the United States. We
> don't have the caste system that you eastern mystics are still trying to
> propagandize.
> And why should I bother answering your slave-mentality questions,
> If you ever come to the United States and try begging in airports, all you
> will ever hear is click. Click-click. Click-click-click.

Let's take an example of what you consider to be "slave-mentality questions:

Next I'm going to read a variety of proposals concerning religion and public
schools. For each one, please tell me whether you would generally favor or
oppose it. First, ... . Next, ... . [RANDOM ORDER]

A. Making public school facilities available after school hours for use by
student religious groups

Do you REALLY think this is a "slave-mentality question"?  Why?

John Knight

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