brain sizes: Einstein's & women's

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> >Can you read?
> Can you?
> >Where was it written that you were requested to complete a survey?
> >
> >It's a simple "yes" or "no" question:  "do you agree with the majority of
> >Americans on any of the following issues?"
> That is a survey question, as are most yes/no questions on issues with
> some meat.

This isn't a "survey".  This is one question to one looney tune who can't
even answer the simplest question without going postal.

> It demands a black and white answer to a question (or in
> this case several questions) of gray.

There is no "of gray" involved in answering a question about whether or not
he agrees with most Americans about "Making public school facilities
available after school hours for use by student religious groups".

The answer is either "yes", or "no", and nothing else.

> I agree with "the majority of
> Americans" on parts of each of those issues, but I don't think many of
> those Americans would agree with you entirely on ANY of them.

There is only ONE survey question at on which the majority of
Americans don't agree with us.

On every other question, which is more than 40, the vast majority, as many
as 92%, agree, with us.

I bet you can't find even one question on which the majority of Americans
agree with you jews and "liberals".  Your "opinions" are about as popular as
scarlet fever.

John Knight

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