Please remember the mind control victims this Sept. 11

Allen L. Barker alb at
Mon Sep 9 02:41:28 EST 2002

Thanks for the information.  For more on the details mentioned, check 
out for example the US News article, "The Cold War Experiments," at
or some of the many other articles and sites at

mike henley wrote:
> This is not to confirm all the details you mentioned, but only to say
> that i have seen credible evidence that those "mind control"
> experiments, as you call them, actually happened, in one case even
> giving a young girl 62 ECT sessions over a period of just 5 days. The
> experiments started during the 1950s in response to a korean war POWs
> issue; some good american boys appearing on communist TV criticising
> their own country and their own society and embracing communist
> propaganda. To politicians it seemed such a perplexing thing and as a
> result psychology and psychiatry were mobilized in the war effort. Now
> in those days many experiments were carried out without any ethical
> consideration, such as in the case of the many black people, nothing
> to do with the CIA, during the 1930s, who were deliberately
> innoculated with syphilis in the name of science. Of note is that, the
> hallucinogens craze of the 1960s was argued to have been a result of
> those military research programs that led to their development.

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