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> >Most people in the world believe the term "mafia" applies to jews, not
> >Italians.
> Of course, John knows this because he's checked -- "most people in the
> world" refers to the voices that speak to him.

No.  It's based on direct observations from travelling extensively in 72
countries, and living in 27 of them.

There are a number of things that Americans are completely ignorant about,
that literally the ROW (rest of the world) knows as fact.

This is because we let the infinitely STUPID jews into the country,
something that every other culture was warned against doing centuries ago,
and thus rarely do.

> >There was a "mafia" of sorts in Russia, but not a single Italian
> >in sight--because it was made up of all jews.
> "Mafia" at this point has become something of a generic term, for
> example the Yakuza is often referred to as the "Japanese mafia," but
> no one (expect perhaps John Knight) thinks this means that it's
> Italians getting dragon tatoos and cutting off their fingers.  Though
> perhaps John thinks it's Jews.  Similarly, the Russian mafia was
> composed of Russians.

No.  Anyone who's ever been to Russia knows that every single member of the
"Russian mafia" is a jew, that jews are known as a RACE, that no jew is a
Russian, and that no Russian is a jew.  Merely being a resident in Russia
doesn't make a person a "Russian".  Russians are a White Race who are known
to be descendants of the Israelites who aren't going to put up with race
mixing with niggers, Mexicans, and jews.

Anyone who's been there also knows that most jews have already been exiled
from Russia.

It's only the jews, not normal people, and not the Japanese, and certainly
not the Italians, who think of the Yakuza as the "mafia".

> But let me expand my double-dog dare to include walking up to any
> member of the Russian mafia and telling them that they're Jews.

I've walked right up to them and THEY told me that.  They used to hang out
at the Roosiya Hotel right across from the Kremlin, mostly exchanging Rubles
for dollars.  But they didn't have to say a word, because every jew in the
world has that same STUPID look, all the way from jew Yawk to Vyborg.

> >So was the "communist party".
> >When a White Russian refers to a "communist", he's referring to a jew.
> This will come as a great surprise to Stalin, Kruschiev, Brezhnev,
> Andropov, Chernenko and Gorbachev.  It will also be quite a shock to
> Putin, I'm sure.
> Dan

Putin and Stalin may be the only ones of the above who were Christians
[read: weren't jews].  Putin proved himself by exiling the jews, "firing"
the degenerates Berezovski and Gussinski, and putting the finishing touches
the remaining "communists" [read: jews].  Stalin proved himself by EXECUTING
most of the Bolshevists and Communists [read: jews] who had engaged in the
wholesale slaughter of 25-50 million Russians during the Bolshevik
Revolution.  He may have been the one who assassinated the jew Lenin, and
certainly can take credit for putting an ice pick through the jew Trotsky's

John Knight

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