populations (was Re: brain sizes: Einstein's and women's)

Joseph A Nagy Jr pagan_prince at charter.net
Mon Sep 9 11:02:35 EST 2002

Matthew Amsel wrote:
> weird thing about those numbers. have you ever looked at a map of that
> desert? given the severe lack of highrise apartments in that era, a
> group of 2 million people would have some people seeing the sea and some
> seeing the jordan river. there just isn't room for them all (unless
> einstein's curved space theories can be meshed with quantum mech. hmm..)
> John Knight wrote:
>>We have not the slightest idea how long Stonehenge has been there, Joe.
>>When you consider that, at the normal growth rate of the human population,
>>the 2-3 million Israelites who were with Moses when they left Egypt would
>>have been 6 billion Israelites within 600 years, you have to question all of
>>these estimates that humans have been around for "ten thousand years".  Even
>>at the slowest population growth rate on the planet, it would have taken
>>only 1,500 years to grow to 6 billion (which is the current world
>>population) http://christianparty.net/population.htm
>>John Knight

Another weird thing is he doesn't account for the death rate exceeding the birth
rate. With his numbers the birth rate would always have to exceed the death rate,
even during times of plague and war.

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