brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> >weird thing about those numbers. have you ever looked at a map of that
> >desert? given the severe lack of highrise apartments in that era, a
> >group of 2 million people would have some people seeing the sea and some
> >seeing the jordan river. there just isn't room for them all (unless
> >einstein's curved space theories can be meshed with quantum mech. hmm..)
> Not to mention that they were "wandering in Sinai" - that many people
> wouldn't hardly have had room to wander.

It must really be miserable to be a "liberal", a child trapped in an adult's
body, unable to comprehend the simplest thing about the world around you,
never getting a single fact straight, always on the wrong end of public
opinion, eh?

There are 6 million people in Israel right now, which is a population
density smaller than Japan, so you can drive for miles between Nazareth and
Jerusalem and not see a single person.

The 2 million or so Israelites with Moses could have all been located in an
area the size of Jerusalem and people in Nazareth wouldn't even have known
they were there.

In fact, Nazareth is still so far removed from "Israeli politics" that
people in Nazareth have to come to the US just to hear about the current
conflict in Jerusalem.  Why?  Because unlike the US, much of the population
of Israel isn't bombarded daily with the jewish bs that we have to put up
with here.

Not only is most of the population of Israel (as well as most of the rest of
the world) unaware of all these jewish "emergencies" and "wars on terrorism"
and "Patriot Acts" and all kinds of other jewish LIES we hear on our "news
media" every second, but they really couldn't care less about it.

To think that there's a single Muslim in the entire world who's "jealous of
our freedom" is the most laughable jewish LIE in world history, particularly
as we disassemble the FEW freedoms we have left.

> And the population had shrunk another quarter in a couple hundred
> years.
> But of course the nincompoop thinks that the LOWEST possible rate of
> increase for the people of Israel is the 1.5% per year increase of the
> modern era.  Even while the Holy Bible, if its Numbers make any sense
> at all, is reporting enormous population growth, in a few generations
> in Egypt, followed by massive death, and then slow population
> shrinkage over the next few hundred years of supposed prosperity.
> What of course is fascinating is that the Israelites were supposedly
> fielding armies of hundreds of thousands of men, and made no record in
> history other than in the Bible, and yet they were easily conquered by
> the Assyrians, while Alexander the Great conquered the entire region
> with an army estimated at around 15,000.  At the height of the Roman
> Empire, there were 2-3 dozen legions of no more than 6,000 men.
> Typical Roman battles involved no more than 1 or 2 legions and support
> troops, and that was all that was necessary to put down the Jewish
> revolts of Josephus's time.
> lojbab

All of which demonstrates precisely how well the jewish LIES are received by
you "liberals" and feminazis.  Most of the Israelites had already emigrated
to Europe, Spain, and the British Isles by the time of the Assyrians'
arrival.  Most of the 2 billion Christians in the world today are
descendants of the Israelites who emigrated, whereas it's not even certain
that many of the 15 million people who claim to be "jews" are actually
descendants of the jews described in the Holy Bible.

The fact that Josephus was a jew makes every word he writes suspect.
Wherever his accounts conflict with the Holy Bible, they need to be
discarded.  No race which constantly claims things like "6 billion jews in
one city were slaughtered by the Romans" and "6 million jews were killed in
the First World War", and now the most famous LIE that "6 million jews died
in the Holocaust" can be trusted to provide an honest much less accurate
population assessment.

Josephus was just as STUPID as today's jews, which is about the only
evidence that today's jews are related to Josephus and his fellow jews.

John Knight

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