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Agreed about Mr. Steele's courage in writing such eloquent critiques of the jews, but I'm not so sure about what I think of Patrick Henry now that I know he was an "attorney".

What a terrible let down that was );


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  Another great article by Edgar Steele. I think it is our duty to send articles like this one to any white conscious attorneys. If there is such a thing, they are few and wide between. Nevertherless, the more Patrick Henry's (who was an attorney) we awaken, the better to bring down the jews house of cards (LIES). Mr. Steele deserves a lot of credit for his outspokeness and bravery. Here is the article.

  Know the Breed, Know the Dog

  by Edgar J. Steele

  September 7, 2002

  Know the breed, know the dog
  ---Russian proverb

  By now, most of us have heard of the allegedly-white Harvard professor who
  wants to abolish the white race.  His outlandish statements made news from
  coast to coast this past week. 

  You can see the Washington Times article on Noel Ignatiev, founder of a
  journal called Race Traitor and a fellow at Harvard's W.E.B. DuBois
  Institute, a leading black-studies department, for yourself at .

  Mr. Ignatiev pledges to "keep bashing the dead white males, and the live
  ones, and the females, too, until the social construct known as 'the white
  race' is destroyed - not 'deconstructed' but destroyed."

  Ignatiev, a Marxist activist who earned a doctorate at Harvard,  maintains
  a web site at , the motto of which is: "Treason
  to whiteness is loyalty to humanity." 
  It will come as little surprise to most readers of this column to learn
  that Ignatiev is one of the Chosen, born of jewish Russian immigrants. 

  I have often reported how the white race is under an ever-increasing
  assault from those who pretend to be members of it, yet are invariably
  identifiable as being jewish.  The fellow who sued to remove "under God"
  from the Pledge of Allegiance is one, for example, though he takes pains to
  pretend otherwise. 

  In almost every case where there is a lawsuit against things Christian,
  whether in public places or of a seasonal nature, you will find plaintiffs
  that are jewish, often lawyers representing themselves, and many of the
  professional participants in the courtroom to be Chosen, as well.

  The original founders of most militant black organizations were jewish. 
  Until recently, the head of the NAACP was always one of the Chosen.  The
  advancement of diversity has always been at the expense of white Americans.
  We now are far enough along that particular path to see that it can end
  only in chaos, of course.

  The American criminal culture has always been jewish run, though the
  jewish-controlled media has done its best to lay that off on Sicilians. 
  Meyer Lansky, Legs Diamond, Bugsy Siegel, Al Capone...jews, every single
  one of them.  Italian mafia?  Just the cover story.

  Finally, the term "Russian Mafia" is gaining weight, by virtue of the flood
  of Russians into America following the fall of the Soviet Union.  What that
  term obscures, however, is the racial backbone of the Russian
  Mafia...jewish, of course.

  Since jews are predominantly atheistic (yes, it is a racial term, Virginia,
  and even Israel is home to a majority atheist population), it is easy for
  them to pass themselves off as disaffected Christians or, at minimum,
  whites solely interested in "fairness, equality and diversity." 

  Make no mistake about this:  Whites of european extraction are under attack
  throughout the world and, particularly, in America today.  This is
  genocide, pure and simple, albeit stealth warfare at its best. 

  Mr. Ignatiev is to be respected for his honesty, if nothing else, though it
  would be nice if he would come clean about the ultimate reason for his
  battle cry:  to maintain and strengthen jewish hegemony in America and
  spread it, via the New World Order, to the rest of the globe. 

  Many feel at odds with today's events, as though we were meant for another
  time and another place. Yes, we had a time. Ours was about 1890, so near as
  I can tell. That was a wonderful era between the Civil War and WWI. Our
  grandfathers and great-grandfathers knew it well. It grew out of, and
  because of, great tribulation. 

  Our fathers failed to listen to the lessons put forth by their fathers. We
  are awakening enough to regret our fathers' failings. Our children and
  grandchildren will pay the price.  Their children will reap the harvest of
  what we sow today.

  When it gets bad enough, and things seem quickly to be coming to a head,
  then many like ourselves will take up arms alongside our children and set
  things right again. Likely, we will be fighting off the invaders who will
  have just lain waste to our cities. 

  I pray that our government will not continue much farther down the path it
  has chosen, else it must inevitably become our mortal enemy, even before it
  brings down upon us the cataclysm that now seems so likely.

  Meanwhile, we must do our best to awaken others. That is our task for now.
  To be awake early is to be cursed with the duty to awaken the others. That
  is why we have been given this insight. Take joy from this task. Aside from
  family, it is the only joy available until we cross over the troubles that
  lie ahead.

  God willing, there will be another time for us beyond those troubles.

  But, in a very real sense, this IS our time and our place. America's
  founding fathers lived and died in far more distress than you and I
  currently experience. So few of them made it through to the good times, yet
  look at the difference they made. And we honor their memory, as ours will
  be honored, provided we do our duty. 

  Now it is our turn to make a difference. Though things will get worse -
  much worse - before they get better, we have no choice but to stay the
  course that destiny has thrust upon us. 

  We cannot, we must not, shrink from the task at hand. We all have one
  talent which shines above others. We must use whatever we have been granted
  in life to help make that difference. 

  We, all of us, every single one of us, have a role to play in these times.
  For now, we awaken the others and we prepare. In time, we will have other

  Time and events make leaders; it does not happen in reverse. When the time
  is right, our leaders will emerge. They are already here among us. Every
  place I look, I see men brimming with potential.

  Many feel frustrated, knowing what is coming while, all around, people seem
  unaware. Do not despair at the pace, because it is necessary - necessary
  for events to unfold further before we can awaken all the others. Current
  events are what give us the means to awaken them.

  Yes, it is more than one man or, even, many men can do. But, together, we
  can and will all rise to this task, just as our race has done so many times
  in its illustrious history. Nobody will save you. But, together, we can
  save one another. We can ensure a future for our children and theirs.

  History is littered with the debris of those who would not speak up. I, for
  one, refuse to be counted among their ranks.  Join me in this great
  undertaking.  Our time is now.

  Together, we can make a New America. Together, we can do anything.


  "I didn't say it would be easy.  I just said it would be the truth."
              - Morpheus

  Copyright © Edgar J. Steele, 2002
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