brain sizes: Einstein's & women's

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> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
> >> >Where was it written that you were requested to complete a survey?
> >> >
> >> >It's a simple "yes" or "no" question:  "do you agree with the majority
> >> >Americans on any of the following issues?"
> >>
> >> That is a survey question, as are most yes/no questions on issues with
> >> some meat.
> >
> >This isn't a "survey".  This is one question to one looney tune who can't
> >even answer the simplest question without going postal.
> >
> >> It demands a black and white answer to a question (or in
> >> this case several questions) of gray.
> >
> >There is no "of gray" involved in answering a question about whether or
> >he agrees with most Americans about "Making public school facilities
> >available after school hours for use by student religious groups".
> That was a later post.  This post listed several dozen issues, all of
> which have shades of gray.
> But to answer you, yes this one does have a shade of gray.  What if
> the student religious group wanted to practice Satanic rituals?  Would
> YOUR answer be the same?

Which proves what morons "liberals" like you and Sandra Day O'Connor really

Sure, you "liberals" don't like to be constrained by silly things like
dictionary definitions, but just for the fun of it, why don't you look it up
in your dictionary and tell us why this doesn't make a "shade of gray" out
of this yes or no question?

> >The answer is either "yes", or "no", and nothing else.
> You may think so.  People with more intelligence think otherwise.

Are you referring to the "more intelligence" that enabled American 12th
grade girls to score lower on a THIRD of the TIMSS questions than if they'd
just guessed?  Are you referring to the month's worth of "intelligence" that
cary demonstrated by failing to properly answer question H04, all the while
insulting a male because he DID answer it correctly?  Are you referring to
the gaggle of feminazis who whiiiiined "this is ambiiiiiiiiiiiguous", and
"theeeeeeeeeeeeere's not enough informaaaaaaaaaaaation", and "this is
seeeeeeeeeeexist", and "you haaaaaaaaaaate me", who never even came to grips
with the correct answer even after all the whiiiiiiiiiining?

This is called "negative intelligence", not "more intelligence".

> >I bet you can't find even one question on which the majority of Americans
> >agree with you jews and "liberals".
> "Should 'John Knight' stop posting this stuff to bionet.neuroscience?"
> lojbab

Which is the "liberal" way of saying:  "Why, you're right, there isn't one
single issue at in which I
agree with the majority of Americans".

It sure took a lot of that good ole' negative knowledge to get you to this
state, didn't it?

John Knight

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