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"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>>It must really be miserable to be a "liberal", a child trapped in an adult's
>>body, unable to comprehend the simplest thing about the world around you,
>>never getting a single fact straight, always on the wrong end of public
>>opinion, eh?

It must really be miserable to be a nincompoop, a nonhuman trapped in
an adult's body, unable to comprehend the simplest thing about the
world around you, never getting a single fact straight, always on the
wrong end of public opinion, eh?

>There are 6 million people in Israel right now, which is a population
>density smaller than Japan,

Slightly, but not much.

>so you can drive for miles between Nazareth and Jerusalem and not see a single person.

Really? Have you been to Israel?

793 persons per square mile means somewhat over 1 person per acre.
Half of Israel is desert that has few living there, so the density of
the rest of the country is much higher.

>The 2 million or so Israelites with Moses could have all been located in an
>area the size of Jerusalem and people in Nazareth wouldn't even have known
>they were there.

The population of Jerusalem NOW is only 657,000.  This is with high
rises, and modern services.  In Old Testament times, a city of 100,000
was enormous.  

>In fact, Nazareth is still so far removed from "Israeli politics" that
>people in Nazareth have to come to the US just to hear about the current
>conflict in Jerusalem.  Why?  Because unlike the US, much of the population
>of Israel isn't bombarded daily with the jewish bs that we have to put up
>with here.

I have no idea why you think Israeli politics and Nazareth is at all
relevant.  But then you have this knack for changing subjects to other
topics about which you are equally ignorant.

Israel requires mandatory military service.  The people of the country
know what is going on all over the country.

Nazareth is only 60 miles from Jerusalem, and less than 10 miles from
the West Bank.  Palestinian terrorism occurs all over the country
Recent Terrorist Attacks in Israel  

August 5: A Palestinian suicide bomber detonated himself in the
vehicle of a resident of Nazareth. The driver, who tried to flee, was
injured in the explosion. 

March 20: Seven people, including four soldiers, were killed and 30
people were wounded in a suicide bombing of an Egged bus traveling
from Tel Aviv to Nazareth. Two of the injured are in critical
condition. Islamic Jihad claimed responsibility for the attack. 

November 29, 2001: A suicide bombing of a bus on its way from Nazareth
to Hadera killed three people. Fatah and Islamic Jihad claimed
responsibility for the attack. 

>Not only is most of the population of Israel (as well as most of the rest of
>the world) unaware of all these jewish "emergencies" and "wars on terrorism"
>and "Patriot Acts" and all kinds of other jewish LIES we hear on our "news
>media" every second, but they really couldn't care less about it.

In March alone, there were 22 Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israel
OUTSIDE of the major cities of Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa.

>Most of the Israelites had already emigrated
>to Europe, Spain, and the British Isles by the time of the Assyrians'

Fairy tales.  

But irrelevant anyway, since my posting primarily concerned the
(self-contradictory) numbers in Numbers and other books of the Bible.
The ones where God commanded that they count the numbers of the people
of Israel.  If people had left, and were not counted, then they were
not the people of Israel of the Bible.

>The fact that Josephus was a jew makes every word he writes suspect.
>Wherever his accounts conflict with the Holy Bible, they need to be

Since most of what he discusses are events not discussed in the Bible,
this is hardly an issue.  He isn't the only source we have on the
Roman military, just the best known and most available since Josephus
has been translated into English.  We know the size of the Roman
legions that were the most sophisticated military up until their time,
and each was smaller than 10,000 men.  Thus a supposed Israelite army
of 600,000 that made no mark on history OTHER than the Bible is rather


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