brain sizes: Einstein's & women's

Bob LeChevalier lojbab at
Mon Sep 9 12:36:13 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>No.  It's based on direct observations from travelling extensively in 72
>countries, and living in 27 of them.

Why should we believe you?  Especially when you've gotten so many
facts wrong of the most basic sort (like the all-Christian country of
Russia that is 10% Moslem and 75% non-religious).

>This is because we let the infinitely STUPID jews into the country,
>something that every other culture was warned against doing centuries ago,
>and thus rarely do.

Except that this has changed and they now usually do.

>No.  Anyone who's ever been to Russia knows that every single member of the
>"Russian mafia" is a jew

Fairy tale.

>Merely being a resident in Russia doesn't make a person a "Russian".

Yes it does.  That is the common definition of "Russian".

>> But let me expand my double-dog dare to include walking up to any
>> member of the Russian mafia and telling them that they're Jews.
>I've walked right up to them and THEY told me that.

They did?  

>They used to hang out
>at the Roosiya Hotel right across from the Kremlin, mostly exchanging Rubles
>for dollars.

So if they were changing money, they were Russian mafia ....

>But they didn't have to say a word, because every jew in the
>world has that same STUPID look, all the way from jew Yawk to Vyborg.

So they didn't tell you that.  You just made it up.


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