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> >Anyone who's been there also knows that most jews have already been
> >from Russia.
> John seems to have forgotten that until rather recently, Jews were
> trying to leave Russia, and the Russians weere trying to keep them in.
> At this point, that's no longer a concern, but the Jewish University
> in Moscow and Moscow Choral Synogogue both show Russian addresses.

Uh, no, Holzman, the Russians NEVER wanted jews in their country, any more
than we want them here.

What the jews did to the Christians in Russia, using OUR tax dollars through
the jewish "banker" Jacob Schiff, is really completely beyond our

Of course the jews tell you this in the "American news media".  But they
LIE.  Cathy Young is a jew writer, and when she made that very claim [read:
this LIE] in an American publication, I offered to put her directly in
contact with jewish friends in Russia who didn't want to leave, but who DID,
under the strongest of recommendations.  She declined the offer, and as far
as I know, she has yet to repeat the LIE.

> >I've walked right up to them and THEY told me that.  They used to hang
> >at the Roosiya Hotel right across from the Kremlin, mostly exchanging
> >for dollars.  But they didn't have to say a word, because every jew in
> >world has that same STUPID look, all the way from jew Yawk to Vyborg.
> They told you that, yet they didn't say a word.  Either your
> schizophrenia has reached the point where your sentences no longer
> relate to one another, or you've developed Jedi mind tricks.

The reading comprehension of jews may be even worse than their math
skills--though I repeat myself.

They didn't have to say a word for anyone in the entire hotel to know they
were jews, but they DID talk.  They even knew English, and they even
recommended their favorite "night club".  It turned out to be the only
jewish operation in Moscow, full of a bunch of jew crooks, and which is now
gone, fortunately.

John Knight

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