brain sizes: Einstein's & women's

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> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
> >No.  It's based on direct observations from travelling extensively in 72
> >countries, and living in 27 of them.
> Why should we believe you?  Especially when you've gotten so many
> facts wrong of the most basic sort (like the all-Christian country of
> Russia that is 10% Moslem and 75% non-religious).

The jews who control every word you hear and video byte you see are LIARS,
and they've written so many LIES about Russia that it would take an
encyclopedia to tell them all.

In short, Russia is a CHRISTIAN nation with a higher percentage of
Christians than the US, NO niggers, NO Muslims, NO Asians, and jews are a
forgotten breed.

That's the BIG LIE that the jews didn't want us to know, which is why they
engineered us into a "cold war" with Russia and cut off all communications.

> >This is because we let the infinitely STUPID jews into the country,
> >something that every other culture was warned against doing centuries
> >and thus rarely do.
> Except that this has changed and they now usually do.

Just hang onto your hat.

> >No.  Anyone who's ever been to Russia knows that every single member of
> >"Russian mafia" is a jew
> Fairy tale.

The "fairy tale" is that the mafia is Italians.  It's not, it's jews.
> >Merely being a resident in Russia doesn't make a person a "Russian".
> Yes it does.  That is the common definition of "Russian".

Not in Russia or Sweden or Europe it's not.  The ONLY reason it is in the US
is that the jews LIED to you and tried to make you think that there is no
"Caucasian Race".

Everyone agrees that the Russians are descendants of the Rus. The only
question is where did the Rus come from.  The Russians claim that the Rus
migrated to Sweden from Russia and became the Swedes, but the Swedes claim
that they came from Sweden and became the Russians.  In any event, they're
identical in appearance, customs, ethnicity, religion, and many other traits
(though there are some significant differences in ideology).

> >> But let me expand my double-dog dare to include walking up to any
> >> member of the Russian mafia and telling them that they're Jews.
> >
> >I've walked right up to them and THEY told me that.
> They did?


> >They used to hang out
> >at the Roosiya Hotel right across from the Kremlin, mostly exchanging
> >for dollars.
> So if they were changing money, they were Russian mafia ....
> Absolutely!

That was how they made contact with foreigners.  They tried to control the
money exchange, but now they are gone, history.

> >But they didn't have to say a word, because every jew in the
> >world has that same STUPID look, all the way from jew Yawk to Vyborg.
> So they didn't tell you that.  You just made it up.
> lojbab

You and Holzman have exactly the same inability to comprehend the written
English word.

Quite a "coincidence", eh?

John Knight

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