brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> [forgive the top-posting; I didn't want to snip a word]
<> Bob, thank you.  I totally blew it in my response.  I humbly apologize to
<> (doubtless oblivious) Dr. Ignatiev for my knee-jerk reaction which led
<> me to lump him with likes of Farrakan, Kahane, Duke and the `poop.
<> Ignatiev is obviously using inflammatory language for effect, and
<> I tripped over the style and fell flat on my face before noticing
<> the substance: that he is advocating nothing more than tearing
<> the door off the Seekret Treehouse and letting the inmates
<> out.  I applaud everything of his you quote, although like you
<> I don't buy into his economics-explains-all epistomology.
<> Well, off to practice my favorite form of Race Treachery: listening
<> to one of my 400-plus jazz CDs.
<> -- cary
<Neither one of you "liberal" mud race traitors have ever taken the time to
<explain to us honkeys what it is about us that you don't like us to enjoy
<our right to free association.

Oh, no problem whatsoever.  Keep to your little one-man ghetto.  I'll
be perfectly happy to avoid your company.  In fact, I insist on it.

<Why don't you take the time now to carefully outline exactly what is it
<about us honkeys that you "think" your "right" to interfere in our private,
<family, business, and educational affairs exceeds our right to refuse you

Anything my tax dollars pays for, I want you out of.  Totally out.  
Complete segregation of you and all your kind.  All three to five of you.

But failing that, as is proper of course, I insist that no one be excluded.

<We know you want the money.  We know that you love to see us working 42 days
<of every year JUST to earn the money that pays JUST the taxes which fund
<JUST the welfare which is paid JUST to niggers, but it's more than that,

Heh.  John, I SERIOUSLY suspect I make more than you do.  And pay
higher taxen.

-- cary

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