brain sizes: Einstein's & women's

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Mon Sep 9 16:39:04 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>> Why should we believe you?  Especially when you've gotten so many
>> facts wrong of the most basic sort (like the all-Christian country of
>> Russia that is 10% Moslem and 75% non-religious).
>In short, Russia is a CHRISTIAN nation with a higher percentage of
>Christians than the US, NO niggers, NO Muslims, NO Asians, and jews are a
>forgotten breed.

No Moslems, eh?

Note that this is a RUSSIAN site about Moslems in Russia set up by
Moslems in Russia.

Next I want you to think about the fighting in Chechnya, which is a
part of Russia (much as they would like to be independent).  Almost
all Chechnyans are Moslem.
is another site describing the Islamic community in Russia

"No Asians".  I hate to tell you but most of Russia is in Asia, and
the people who live there are Asians.  The multitudinous native tribes
scattered around Asian Russia are Asians, and many of them look more
Asian that Russian.

While the Russian Orthodox Church has come back, most Russians remain

>> >Merely being a resident in Russia doesn't make a person a "Russian".
>> Yes it does.  That is the common definition of "Russian".
>Not in Russia or Sweden or Europe it's not. 

More nonsense.  If "Russian" does not mean "inhabitant of Russia",
give us another word that DOES mean "inhabitant of Russia".

>The ONLY reason it is in the US
>is that the jews LIED to you and tried to make you think that there is no
>"Caucasian Race".

There isn't one, and no one though there was one until the last couple
of hundred years.

>Everyone agrees that the Russians are descendants of the Rus.

No.  Everyone does NOT agree.  The original Russian State was founded
by the Rus.

>The only
>question is where did the Rus come from.  The Russians claim that the Rus
>migrated to Sweden from Russia and became the Swedes, but the Swedes claim
>that they came from Sweden and became the Russians.

The Vikings appeared in the West before they appeared in Russia.

However, the Rus were merely the ruling class, and they interbred with
the native Slavs and took up their language (you may notice that
Russian is not much like Swedish).  A couple centuries later the
Tatars conquered most of Russia; they ruled for a couple of centuries,
and there was much interbreeding (not necessarily all of it willing).

Still later, Russia expanded to the Pacific Coast and absorbed many
other nations, whose people became Russian and interbred with
Russians.  Russian language is the native language of only 85% of
Russians.  There is a large gypsy community in Russia that suffers
much worse discrimination than the Jews.  But they're still there.

>That was how they made contact with foreigners.  They tried to control the
>money exchange, but now they are gone, history.

They're still there.


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