brain sizes: Einstein's and women's and miscegenation

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<> > > I am a "White Christian Israelite," John, and the truth is, the
<> > > of us don't want to have anything to do with YOU.
<> > >
<> >
<> >
<> > Ah, a White Race Traitor!
<> >
<> > Nobody would believe it anyway, but if they did, do you know what people
<> > think of White Race Traitors?
<> Who do you define as "people", John?
<It's easier to define who aren't normal people.
<Feminazis aren't normal people.  Neither are "liberals", nor fudge packers.
<Nor jews.  Nor race traitors who hate their own race so much that they would
<"think" that it's "racist" to be proud of one's own race.
<The other 97% are normal people.
<Of the normal people in this country, 12% are niggers, 8% are Mexicans
<[read: "Hispanics], 2% are Asians, 2% are Muslims, and 73% are White
<Christian Israelites.
<The 73% who are White Christian Israelites, half the niggers or 6% of the
<population, and the 8% who are Mexicans, make up the 86-95% of Americans who
<claim to be Christians.  Excluded of course are the 2% who're Muslims, the
<1.9% who're jews, the 1% who're fudge packers, the 1% who're feminazis or
<"liberals", and the half percent who're race traitors.  Since most jews are
<"liberals", fudge packers, feminazis, and pretend to be race traitors,
<there's quite a bit of overlap in this noisy slutty minority.
<Is this optimistic?  No.  In spite the misleading jewsmedia, the polls show
<that the vast majority of Americans still oppose abortion, gun control,
<public education, jews, legalized sodomy, "legalized" adultery, and
<overwhelmingly support spoken CHRISTIAN prayer in PUBLIC schools.

And the majority of them voted for Algore.  Amazing, eh?

-- cary

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