brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> <> [forgive the top-posting; I didn't want to snip a word]
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> <> Bob, thank you.  I totally blew it in my response.  I humbly apologize
> <the
> <> (doubtless oblivious) Dr. Ignatiev for my knee-jerk reaction which led
> <> me to lump him with likes of Farrakan, Kahane, Duke and the `poop.
> <> Ignatiev is obviously using inflammatory language for effect, and
> <> I tripped over the style and fell flat on my face before noticing
> <> the substance: that he is advocating nothing more than tearing
> <> the door off the Seekret Treehouse and letting the inmates
> <> out.  I applaud everything of his you quote, although like you
> <> I don't buy into his economics-explains-all epistomology.
> <>
> <> Well, off to practice my favorite form of Race Treachery: listening
> <> to one of my 400-plus jazz CDs.
> <>
> <>
> <> -- cary
> <
> <
> <
> <
> <Neither one of you "liberal" mud race traitors have ever taken the time
> <explain to us honkeys what it is about us that you don't like us to enjoy
> <our right to free association.
> Oh, no problem whatsoever.  Keep to your little one-man ghetto.  I'll
> be perfectly happy to avoid your company.  In fact, I insist on it.

So let's see if we can get this straight, cary?

By claiming that "he is advocating nothing more than tearing the door off
the Seekret Treehouse and letting the inmates out", you don't mean that you
agree that some scumbag jew like Noel Ignatiev has the right to impose
himself and his abject amorality on this Christian nation?

Is this correct?

> <
> <Why don't you take the time now to carefully outline exactly what is it
> <about us honkeys that you "think" your "right" to interfere in our
> <family, business, and educational affairs exceeds our right to refuse you
> <admission?
> <
> Anything my tax dollars pays for, I want you out of.  Totally out.
> Complete segregation of you and all your kind.  All three to five of you.
> But failing that, as is proper of course, I insist that no one be

"no one be excluded" from WHAT?

Be excluded from living off of OUR tax dollars?

No wonder you talk in riddles.

> <We know you want the money.  We know that you love to see us working 42
> <of every year JUST to earn the money that pays JUST the taxes which fund
> <JUST the welfare which is paid JUST to niggers, but it's more than that,
> <right?
> <
> Heh.  John, I SERIOUSLY suspect I make more than you do.  And pay
> higher taxen.
> -- cary

Don't bet your life on it, because you'd be a dead woman, instantly.  Is
this your women's intuition working overtime, again?

Let's clarify a point here.  It is NOT correct that a single jew in the
world deserves a single nickel from this Christian nation, period.  If you
disagree, cary--go to Madagascar with the jews.

John Knight

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