brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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You're being way too easy on Orange County, Jack.

The teachers there virtually refuse to teach Algebra, yet 94% of Japanese and 40% of German high school students take CALCULUS!

They also have men teachers who understand calculus, whereas TIMSS proved beyond the shadow of any doubt that our mostly female teachers don't even know what algebra is.

John Knight

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> Orange County is I think one of the wealthiest counties in California and
> one would think that it should have relatively well educated kids.....but
> one would be so wrong.  Barely a third even dared to take a necessary (
> at least in two years) algebra test and most of them flunked it.
> It is so silly the way the brain dead eco-idiots worry about Global Warming
> and what it might do in 50 or 100 years when they way they have utterly
> destroyed Public education there is no way civilization could survive for
> 50 years let alone a 100.  There are simply too few kids who are being taught
> enough to understant let alone maintain all the science / technology necessary
> to support the life style all like
> If you want to maintain the technology then those who have a genetic IQ
> smart enough to learn should be segregated out as they were 50 years ago
> and taught as hard as possible.  If one wants to live in the same horrible
> stone age culture that Man was inflicted with for most of his existence
> until the last century or so then continue with this nonsense of integrated
> education and keeping all the same level as the most stupid else the worthless
> be discriminated against
> Jack
> Algebra Goals Remain Far Off
> 09-025-02
> Less than a third of Orange County's eighth- and ninth- graders took the
> state's algebra exam last spring, offering the first clear evidence that
> California's tougher math standards are not materializing in schools as
> planned. About 23 percent of eighth- graders and 32 percent of ninth-
> graders took the test, according to newly released scores, a concern for
> state officials because algebra is required to graduate from high school
> starting in 2004. Statewide, 29 percent of eighth-graders and more than a
> third of ninth-graders took the test - but most failed to score high enough
> to be classified as "proficient," the state's goal.
> Jack Perrine    
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