brain sizes: Einstein's & women's

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> >The only
> >question is where did the Rus come from.  The Russians claim that the Rus
> >migrated to Sweden from Russia and became the Swedes, but the Swedes claim
> >that they came from Sweden and became the Russians.
> The Vikings appeared in the West before they appeared in Russia.
> However, the Rus were merely the ruling class, and they interbred with
> the native Slavs and took up their language (you may notice that
> Russian is not much like Swedish).  A couple centuries later the
> Tatars conquered most of Russia; they ruled for a couple of centuries,
> and there was much interbreeding (not necessarily all of it willing).
> Still later, Russia expanded to the Pacific Coast and absorbed many
> other nations, whose people became Russian and interbred with
> Russians.  Russian language is the native language of only 85% of
> Russians.  There is a large gypsy community in Russia that suffers
> much worse discrimination than the Jews.  But they're still there.
> >That was how they made contact with foreigners.  They tried to control the
> >money exchange, but now they are gone, history.
> They're still there.
> lojbab

It's so interesting that American "liberals" who think that 2 million Israelites would stretch from sea to sea in Judaea know so much more about Russia than the Russians.

How do you get so educated?

>From the jews, perhaps?

Do you ever wonder why your "facts" are at odds with every shred of evidence on planet?

The jews, perhaps?

You already saw this post from Yuriy, no?

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> The analysis of the available historical data was made anew using the
> computers
> and the mathematical apparatus of statistics. If John Knight wishes I
> can scan
> and post some of the computer generated charts. There is not a single
> piece
> of historical information dated earlier than 700 after Christ.
> Jews never lived in Khazaria and there was never a Tatar-Mongol invasion
> of 
> Russia. The whole of the history was invented by the swindlers of the
> Western
> Europe of Jewish and German descent. They invented their history as it 
> fit their ambitions only several hundreds years ago. For that reason
> they destroyed
> most of the most important data both in Europe and Russia and that is
> why the
> official history cannot cope with the history of the White race.

>From first hand observations of Russia, I guarantee you that what Yuriy *knows* about Russia from growing up there is far more accurate than what any "liberal" might "think" about Russia from reading jewish fairy tales from afar.

This Tatar-Mongol Invasion was just one of the minor jewish LIES.  The real hoot was learning that Russians think that Stalin was the greatest thing since sliced bread--even though not one single American could have known even that because of the complete black-out of our "news" by the jews.

That's just for starters.

John Knight

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