brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Mon Sep 9 21:00:21 EST 2002

"John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
>> I am curious, though, if the author John quotes feels that Timothy
>> McVeigh was a "loyal, dedicated White American."
>If Timothy McVeigh DID blow up the federal building all by himself (an
>impossible task) for the reasons the media claimed he blew it up (an
>excellent reason), then he WAS the sheer definition a "loyal, dedicated
>White American". 

I'm sure the FBI will take note of the fact that you are openly
espousing terrorism.  Maybe they'll take YOU away.

>> Unfortunately for the author, Jews were in America since the
>> Revolutionary War.  The first American President to address a
>> Synogogue was George Washington.
>And all of them warned us NOT to admit jews, didn't they?

You must have ignored my post of 9/2, when I cited Adams:
>> What was that about our Founding Fathers?  You mean John Adams, who in
>> 1820 offered an amendment to the Massachusetts constitution (which was
>> the last remaining state with an established religion) guaranteeing
>> complete religious freedom in the Commonwealth.  In particular, as he
>> wrote, he wanted complete religious freedom for Jews.  He wrote to a
>> New York editor named Mordecai Noah:
>> > I have had occasion to be acquainted with several gentlemen of
>> > your nation and to transact business with some of them, whom I found
>> > to be men of as liberal minds, as much as honor, probity, generosity
>> > and good breeding, as any I have known in any seat of religion or
>> > philosophy.
>> > I wish your nation to be admitted to all the privileges of
>> > citizens in every country of the world.  This country has done much,
>> > I wish it may do more, and annul every narrow idea in religion,
>> > government, and commerce.
>> quoted from _John Adams_, by David McCullough, 2001, p631, which
>> cites:
>> JA to Mordecai Noah, July 31, 1818, Adams Papers, Mass. Historical
>> Society, Reel #123
>> So not only does Adams not WARN against Jews, he compliments them for
>> being liberal, having high moral character, and urges that they be
>> given full citizenship in ALL nations of the world.
>> In other words, precisely the OPPOSITE of what the nincompoop thinks.
>> So much for his knowing the sentiments of the Founders %^)
>> lojbab

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