brain sizes: Einstein's and women's and miscegenation

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<> Who do you define as "people", John?
<It's easier to define who aren't normal people.
<Feminazis aren't normal people.  Neither are "liberals", nor fudge packers.
<Nor jews.  Nor race traitors who hate their own race so much that they would
<"think" that it's "racist" to be proud of one's own race.
<The other 97% are normal people.
<Of the normal people in this country, 12% are niggers, 8% are Mexicans
<[read: "Hispanics], 2% are Asians, 2% are Muslims, and 73% are White
<Christian Israelites.
<The 73% who are White Christian Israelites, half the niggers or 6% of the
<population, and the 8% who are Mexicans, make up the 86-95% of Americans who
<claim to be Christians.  Excluded of course are the 2% who're Muslims, the
<1.9% who're jews, the 1% who're fudge packers, the 1% who're feminazis or
<"liberals", and the half percent who're race traitors.  Since most jews are
<"liberals", fudge packers, feminazis, and pretend to be race traitors,
<there's quite a bit of overlap in this noisy slutty minority.

Funny, it's primary day out here in Arizona, and you know what?
Absolutely no one casts a vote based on whether the candidate's
Hispanic or Anglo any more; those days are decades in the past out here.
Me, I just now voted for a blue-eyed blonde with the name of Richardson,
but only because I found her environmental record to be better
than that of her opponent, Raul Grijalva.

And when our long-time, highly conservative Republican Congressman
Jim Kolbe was outed back in 1996, folks around here pretty much
went "Yeah?  Interesting.  So, hot enough for you?  Think the
monsoon's will EVER come?"  People over in Texas got all riled
up over it for some reason, not to mention the AFA, but around here 
we seem to feel that a person's private life is his own.  Not to mention,
in general, pretty boring.

Me, I wouldn't vote for Kolbe on a bet.  But then I'm a liberal; the
White conservative Christians out here seem to think a gay 
Congressman is just fine by them: he's serving his 9th
consecutive term.

-- cary

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