brain sizes: Einstein's & women's

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> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
> >It's so interesting that American "liberals" who think that 2 million
> > Israelites would stretch from sea to sea in Judaea know so much more
> > about Russia than the Russians.
> Maybe it comes from having spent time there myself, having studied the
> language and culture, raising Russian kids, and having extensive ties
> both to Russians in Russia, and well as to the large Russian emigre
> community in this area.

You also spent time here yourself, having studied the language and culture,
raising American kids, and having extensive ties both to Americans and
America, and well as to the large American emigre community in this area,
yet still don't have a clue what the United States nor Christianity are all

How do you explain that?

How do you explain that you are completely and totally disconnected from
mainstream American thinking, by every poll you've ever witnessed?

> >Do you ever wonder why your "facts" are at odds with every shred of
evidence on planet?
> Actually, that is the question YOU should answer.  You so seldom get
> any fact correct.

One fact is that there is only one poll question on which the majority of
Americans don't agree with us.

A second fact is that, by your own admission or failure to disclose it,
there isn't even one poll question where the majority of Americans agree
with you jews and "liberals".

> >You already saw this post from Yuriy, no?
> Several times.  He's wrong, if he thinks there was never a
> Tatar-Mongol invasion of Russia (hint: it was a long time after "700
> after Christ").  If he's never heard of Alexander Nevsky, Dmitri
> Donsky or Ivan the Great, or doesn't know why they are famous; if he
> doesn't know how Kievan Rus fell or how the capital of Russia came to
> be in Moscow, he probably isn't really Russian.

You claimed that "The Soviet Union lost 20-40 million (on top of perhaps a
similar number killed or starved by Stalin in the decade before the war but
not considered part of the war", did you not?

You know NOTHING about Stalin nor Russia if you really believe that.  It's
the most ludicrous jewish LIE in human history, and you would KNOW that if
you've even BEEN to Russia.

Having travelled extensively in Russia and owning property in Tver, we have
YET to hear this claim repeated by a real Russian.  FORGET every word the
LYING jews ever spoke, because they're even bigger LIARS in Russia than they
are in the US.

You're most likely a jew or a mamzer who just can't STAND the thought that
*Russians* are as racially pure as the driven snow, so you LIE about
everything you see or hear.

You race traitors are even worse than the LYING jews.  At least the LYING
jews are LYING to try to preserve their mongrelized from being

Race traitors have NO excuse.

John Knight

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