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I will work with anyone who just wants to do Neuroscience.

The rest, though not inconsequential, is a matter of individual Choice, isn't it?


And, since it is a matter of individual Choice, it's Impossible to do anything with respect to it on a case-by-case basis.



One person, or a group of people - an "organization" - can do this or that with respect to another person's individual Choice, but doing so tends, strongly, to only dissipate the energy of the person, or group, that 'endeavors' to do this or that with respect to the other person's Choice.

The result is that other groups can 'plan' to create 'diversions' on-the-cheap by directing individuals to do this or that which will divert and dissipate the energy of those with respect to whom the 'planning' group 'plans'.

And when such 'on-the-cheap' 'diversions' 'distract' this or that 'target' group, inducing it to dissipate its energy, the 'planning' group becomes 'free' to do whatever it is that it wishes to do, because they've successfully 'diverted' their 'target' into 'dissipating' its energy into realms that are 'just' diversions..

This's exactly what 'terrorists' do.

There is only one thing that can stand-against such.

I've been discussing it with[?] folks, over the years, here in bionet.neuroscience, and elsewhere.

But it all comes down to individual Choice.

Individual Choice that 'plans' to divide, and send everything to Waste, or individual Choice that brings-folks together - in population-wide understanding.

Be 'divided'?

Be 'dissipated'?

Or understand, and come-together?

"That is the question" in which the Survival of Humanity derives.

K. P. Collins

    Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
    Why I "look back, in Gratitude" is that I understand what's in giving everything, being in-the-right, to be met, only, with savage-'criticism', born of anything other than Truth.
    During Mr. Carter's Presidency, folks who were aligned with those who're, now, rabbling-on 'for war', were doing the same thing back then - only against President Carter's Devotion to This Nation.
    Where was their 'patriotism' back then?
    Same 'place' it is, now.
    In the 'gutter' where 'manufactured truth' 'displaces' Truth.
    It's my position that there is a need for Thoughtful Hard-Work, now, and not 'military intervention', because the 'need' for 'military intervention' was, itself, born of Willful-Inaction on the parts of those who're, now, rabble-rousing on behalf of 'action'.
    Why didn't you put oil in your lamps when it was 'time' to put oil in your lamps?
    Now, without light, you'd drag Humanity into bloodshed?
    I do not, and will not, stand with you.
    I stand, as I did with President Carter, then, and now - with Truth.
    Do with me what you will.
    K. P. Collins
        Kenneth Collins wrote in message ...
        "The Troubling New Face of America", By Jimmy Carter, Thursday, September 5, 2002; Page A31 
        "Belligerent and divisive voices now seem to be dominant in Washington, but they do not yet reflect final decisions of the president, Congress or the courts. It is crucial that the historical and well-founded American commitments prevail: to peace, justice, human rights, the environment and international cooperation."
        [Qute Copyright 2002, by The Washington Post.]
        You know, when I think back to Mr. Carter's Presidency, I recall that This Nation was then Challenged by a prelude-version of its present Challenge.
        Then, as is discussed in AoK, was the stuff of the externally-imposed Arab oil embargo.
        Do folks remember waiting in line at gas stations, turning your car's engine off in traffic delays, turning off the lights, etc.
        It's a way in which we all can do-something, yet again -economize on energy. Doing so will act to Free us from at least some of that which is being imposed upon us by external forces.
        But more-importantly, it's something that we can do together - a way of actualizing our Unity.
        Back then, although it occurred after AoK was written, there was also the the Iranian's abandonment of International Diplomatic Principle with respect to the Tehran Embassy of The United States of America.
        Hard-'times', but This Nation held Her head up high, never abandoning anything of that which has been in the 'hearts' of the Citizenry since the Founders' white-hot Decisions on behalf of all of us - never 'forgetting' any of that for which America Stands.
        I look back to your Administration, President Carter, in Gratitude for such, and encourage folks to study, a bit, your own fierce-determination - your own white-hot Decisions on behalf of all of us.
        K. P. Collins
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