brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> And how the light bulb was actually invented back in April, because since
> takes about 30 seconds to change one, six months would be enough time
> to account for all the light bulbs in existance.
> And how drunks drop fewer light bulbs.
> - cary

If "g" is the acceleration due to gravity, what is the tension in the s_ring
as the system falls, again?

What is s_ring, again?

Extra credit if you manage to delay the answer for more than a year--again.

Double extra credit if you're a girl, again.

Triple credit if you can create mass hysteria amongst the feminazis who then
convince each other (but nobody else) that "the question is
ambiiiiiiiiiguous", OR "there isn't enough informaaaaaaaaaaation", OR "this
question is biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiased against us girls".

See how it works?  You can get an "A" without ever stumbling across the

John Knight

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