brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Tue Sep 10 20:04:44 EST 2002

Here is a section from Louis Beam's revolutionary manual, "Why we have to
kill the bastards." The message is truthful and clear; attacks against low
level enemies is wasteful. As the U.S. Air Force says, "Aim High!"

The Real Enemy

As I sit here in subdued anger while gazing at a picture of some stalwart
California Klansmen being subjected to a search by Mexican and nigger
sheriff's deputies, I suddenly boil with rage and desire for vengeance. As I
admire the courage and resolution of these Klansmen, my body begins to
tense. Every muscle and fiber of my being urges me to combat and cries out
for the satisfaction of seeing the enemy's blood upon my hands.

But it is not these subhuman "sheriff deputies" who do the frisking that I
want to destroy but, rather, those who sent them. We have nothing to fear
from Mexicans, who possess no other ability then that of procreating nor
blacks who would soon return to cannibalism, left to their own devices. It
is those who sent these creatures to search the Klansmen that I seek, they
who control these inferiors and thereby prevent us from doing so.

These are the ones - White racial traitors - whose blood must flow between
our fingers before our land will be safe. The GOVERNORS who allow it, the
DISTRICT ATTORNEYS, who protect them, and the SHERIFFS and POLICE CHIEFS who
send coloreds to intimidate and violate our people. They are the ones who
are guilty of crimes against their race, not blacks or Mexicans. To punish
subhumans who do the bidding of their masters is foolish and a waste of
time. It is the master who must be brought to justice.

Traitors who work against the survival of our race must face the Aryan
Warriors who seek nothing but guilty blood.  As the negative attracts the
positive and night brings the day, so must racial treason bring the warrior.
In the insidious crime of race treason alone lies the power to destroy our
people - not numbers, for what are numbers to the atomic bomb, not a
combination of colors (zero plus zero equals zero) - nothing but treason to
our race can hurt us.

In this crime of treason lies the strength of colored peoples of the world.
In this atmosphere of racial fratricide, the alien in our midst who thinks
himself chosen, prospers and directs our enemies, while many of our people
know want.

Let the epitaph of "race traitor" become the most shunned title one can
acquire. May it be as dreaded by our people as the bite of a rattlesnake.
Let it be shouted in our enemies faces, painted on their buildings,
inscribed on their tombstones; and, to those who earn this title, may it
become more deadly than the bites of three rattlesnakes!

Yes, mestizo, stick your hands in our pockets; and you, monkey man, search
beneath our arms and around our waists. We fear nothing from your kind. But
hurry, be quick about it. Soon it will be dark with night upon us, and we
must go. There is a country to be liberated, vengeance to be exacted - even
now the Aryan warrior is pulled irresistibly toward someone's destiny.

Louis Beam Jr.

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