brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> John Knight wrote:
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> > There are now less than 20,000 jews in Germany and they're not allowed
> > positions of power or authority.  The "jews" in Spain are removed
> > when they're discovered.  Nobody in Italy puts up with jews.  It turns
> > that the thousands of jews in Poland that the American jews claimed were
> > killed by the Russians were actually killed by the Polish themselves
> > they finally got fed up to the hilt with them.  The Russians are chasing
> > the jews out as we speak.  In spite of all the American media hooplah
> > the French, they've already cracked down on "American news" [read:
> > pornography] and will succeed in booting all the jews once again.
> >
> > It's funny how jews always whiiiiiiiine about how they've never had a
> > homeland" at the same time that they manage to convince "liberals" that
> > everybody wants jews.
> If today's Jews had half the gumption of Moses they would have solved
> their problems with the Palestinians years ago.  Moses just killed
> everyone and took their property and daughters.  Today's Jews are weak
> wusses by comparison, always whining about "The Holocaust" which was in
> part patterned after Moses and the Jewish scriptures.  If they followed
> their own holy teachings the Palestinians would have ceased to be a
> problem.  Bunch of pansies if you ask me. [Do they even have 32,000
> virins in Palestine?]
> Bob

Moses was an Israelite, not a jew.  It was the jews like the ones who're
killing fellow Christians and Muslims in Palestine right now that God
instructed Israelites like Moses to kill off, but failed, time after time
after time.

If Moses and other Israelites had followed God's Commands, the world
wouldn't have the jew problem we now have.

John Knight

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