brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> <> And how the light bulb was actually invented back in April, because
> <it
> <> takes about 30 seconds to change one, six months would be enough time
> <> to account for all the light bulbs in existance.
> <>
> <> And how drunks drop fewer light bulbs.
> <>
> <>
> <> - cary
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> <
> <
> <
> <If "g" is the acceleration due to gravity, what is the tension in the
> <as the system falls, again?
> <
> <What is s_ring, again?
> <
> Oh, I cheerfully admit I misread that question.  In fact, my cheerful
> pointing out, unprompted, of the fact that I had misread it was the sole
> reason that you suddenly got a clue -- the sun would have expired from
> decay before you noticed it on your own.
> But then I'm honest, where you're merely expedient.
> OK?
> So, your turn now: how come you could never bring yourself to comment
> on Thalamus' and my little dispute on the derivation of
> Sir Ike's laws of motion?  (don't fret; there's still plenty
> of time left)
> -- cary

You're the only one who interpreted the word "string" as "spring".  Not even
the gaggle of feminazis did that, yet you were running around insulting
everyone who answered it correctly.  Why insult them?  Because you sensed
they were correct?

Why comment on Sir Ike's laws of motion when it didn't even apply?

Or maybe you still don't know that?  Since the two spheres were at a state
of rest, and were attached by a string, and were released at the same
instant, the acceleration and speed relative to each other is the only thing
you need to know to answer the question.

Brian answered that months ago by noting that Galileo observed that
acceleration and speed were independent of mass.  That's all you need to
know to answer the question. yet you continued to insult him.

This wasn't a trick question.  It wasn't "ambiguous" as the girls claimed.
All the information necessary to answer the question correctly was given,
contrary to what the girls claimed.  It was as strightforward as it could
possibly have been.

What this question did prove is why American girls, even after being given
the correct answer, still couldn't understand the problem.

It's revealing that they still think they're right and the authors of the
question are wrong.  They're still running around the net complimenting each
other about how "intelligent" they are.  But they [and maybe you and lojbab]
are probably the only people in the world who think this represents

This is clearly the most arrogant attitude imaginable.  It's the kind of
attitude that guarantees that our root problem in education will never be
addressed.  It's why the jewsmedia has been successful at districting our
attention away from the 5 women CEO's who managed to wipe out more than $200
billion worth of stockholder's equity by focusing constantly on the mere $40
billion loss at Enron and why the
$8 trillion loss in the stock market goes unnoticed while we "celebrate" the
non-event called "911"

John Knight

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