brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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>> >You completely and totally missed the point of the story, which is normal
>> >for a feminazi.  Bathsheba was an Israelite who had married a Hittite.
>> >That's the "adultery" in the story.  The word "adultery" means "race
>> >mixing".  King David didn't commit adultery, because he was an Israelite.
>> And here y'all thought it had something to do with havnig sex with
>> in violation of a marriage covenant.
>That's 'cause you're a jew.
>And jews "think" lots of things that normal people don't think.  You jews
>"think" that 86 nations before us booted you out just because they were
>being unfair.

I'm not a jew and and I want all xians out of America.

>You jews will never figure out what the word "adultery" is, just as you'll
>never figure out that BANNING SCHOOL PRAYER, then LYING and claiming that
>you didn't ban school prayer, was a just reason for exiting you jews stage

I'm not a jew and I would destroy and right wing fanatics that started
praying in a public school.

Jeff George
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Oi! Where's the fucking bar, John?

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