brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> >> And once again I state as "fact" according to your bible, this law
<> >> would have, had it been upheld, destroyed the lineage of Jesus, who
<> >> was descended through both his mother and his "earthly" father through
<> >> David and Bathsheba. David and Bathsheba married after an adulterous
<> >> affair resulted in pregnancy that couldn't be attributed to her
<> >> husband, Uriah. David ordered Uriah to the front lines where the
<> >> fighting was heaviest, to better the chance of him being killed in
<> >> battle.
<> >
<> >You completely and totally missed the point of the story, which is normal
<> >for a feminazi.  Bathsheba was an Israelite who had married a Hittite.
<> >That's the "adultery" in the story.  The word "adultery" means "race
<> >mixing".
<> What was this about adulterating dictionary definitions?  Is that what
<> you think the commandment means "Thou shalt not commit adultery"?  Is
<> that what "adultery laws" you think that Gallup was asking people
<> about?
<Of course not.
<The jews who controlled the publishers gradually changed the definition of
<"adultery" to the point that people now think "adultery" means sex outside
<of marriage rather than inter-racial marrying.  So their responses indicate
<this new definition.

That would be the "STUPIDEST people on the planet", who seized control
of the publishing industry and proceded to change our very language
on us then?  

They appear to grow smarter with every post you make.

<The ORIGINAL language of the Holy Bible proves that it meant that those who
<create little mamzers are to be stoned.
<> > King David didn't commit adultery, because he was an Israelite.
<> Who cares?  He was already married and he had sex with someone not his
<> wife (who furthermore was someone else's wife).  Furthermore, The
<> Bible says that God was displeased at what he had done for having
<> slept with another man's wife and then killed him. 2 Sam 12:1-16
<Yes, God punished David by killing the first-born son of Bathsheba, but he
<repented and Bathsheba had Solomon.

Let's see if I understand this.

    1) David fucks some other guy's wife.
    2) David arranges for the other guy to be killed.
    3) God is so pissed that he kills a baby, who had no
       say in the matter.
    4) God then goes "aw, jeez, what WAS I thinking?"
Some god you got there.

-- cary

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