brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Wed Sep 11 07:41:18 EST 2002

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> "John Knight" <jwknight at> wrote:
> >The problem of course is that centuries of attempting to teach hundreds
> >millions of niggers in Africa what Christianity is all about has failed
> >completely,
> God does not fail, Oh Blasphemer who serves the Prince of Lies.
> >with the British, French, and Dutch finally giving up and
> >pulling out.
> I guess they weren't very good Christians in your book then.
> >You wouldn't believe what's happened to Africa since they left.  Just 40
> >years after the British left Tanzania, the roads, libraries, sewers,
> >government institutions, and churches they built are almost
> Just lookie here:
> Unrecognizable as modern architecture?  Not hardly.
> Visit the web page of the University Computing Center in Dar Es
> Salaam.  They seem to have enough infrastructure to be on the
> Internet, and to support computer usage.
> >Nigger friends
> You have none, so this is purely your imagination.
> lojbab

  I'm sure he has dozens of black friends who don't mind being called
"nigger" and
told they're inferior.

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