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David Duke Internet Radio Report 09-11-2002

One Year Later: The Real Causes of the 911 Attack
by David Duke
EURO National President

For those who have not read or heard my previous
commentaries on 911, what you are about to hear will shock and
surprise you. I will expose Israeli treachery and American
treason and back up my claims with solid, documentary evidence.

One year after the attack, this is what we now know.

1. The WTC attack was not an attack on America because the
hijackers quote, "hated freedom." They did not attack
Iceland or Switzerland, the longest standing democracies in the
world. This false reason for the attack promoted by the
Jewish-dominated press constitutes the first big lie of 911,
and the one that set the stage for many subsequent lies.

It was not an unprovoked attack: Israel and its control
over American foreign policy was the primary reason for this
terrorism against America. The attackers committed these
horrendous and murderous acts motivated by revenge against
America for support of Israel and Israel's terrible crimes
against the Palestinians, the Lebanese and other Mideast
peoples. Israel has slaughtered tens of thousands of
Palestinians and Lebanese civilians, including thousands of women and
children, over the last few decades. Sharon himself has
"personal responsibility" (as decreed by an Israeli
commission)  for the cold-blooded massacre of 1500 men, women and
children at the Sabra and Chatila Israeli-run concentration
camps in Lebanon. Through all this, Israel has received
massive American monetary and military support. This is the real
reason why we are hated and were attacked; it was not
because the hijackers hated democracy or just have a natural
hatred against the American people.

The fact that this big lie is still repeated over and over
again without refutation in the media shows the Jewish
supremacist control in the American press and how they can so
easily suppress the obvious truth about 911 and the whole
Israeli-Arab conflict. It is not in Israel's interest if the
American people blame Israel's control of our foreign
policy for the terrorism we now face.

Otherwise, Americans might ask some good questions, such
as: "Is supporting the criminal policies of Israel really
worth it; is it worth the loss of thousands of American lives,
loss of our precious constitutional rights and freedoms,
and the cost of billions of our tax dollars?" The Jewish
supremacist press deceitfully maintained that 911 was motivated
by some unreasoning hatred of the American people and our
freedoms rather than retribution for our support of Israel.

2. We know that America suffered this attack because of
massive foreign penetration into the American government and
media along with American traitors who have sacrificed the
interests of the United States to that of the Jewish
supremacist State of Israel. If American patriots rather than
traitors had set America's foreign policy over the last 5
decades, the WTC would still be standing, America would not be
hated by most of the world and Americans would not be losing
their precious constitutional rights and living in fear of
further terrorism.

3. We know that Israeli treachery against America is
directly responsible for the 911 attack. Israel has a long record
of terrorism and treachery against the United States. In
the Lavon Affair the Israeli government sent its agents to
bomb American installations and civilian centers in Egypt and
blame the terrorist acts on Arabs.2

After a series of bombings against Americans, including an
American MGM cinema in Egypt, the plot was exposed, and the
Israeli defense minister was forced to resign because of
it. In 1967 the American Navy intelligence ship, the USS
Liberty was murderously attacked by unmarked Israeli fighter
jets and torpedo boats in another attempt to falsely blame
the Egyptians and involve America in their wars. Both the
U.S. Secretary of State and the U.S. Chairman of the Joint
Chiefs of Staff stated that the attack was clearly a
deliberate Israeli act of terrorism against America that killed 34
and grievously wounded 173 Americans.3 Israel has also
engaged in continuous spying and treachery against the United
States as shown by the case of Jonathan Pollard, an Israeli
spy who American officials believe did more damage to the
United States than any spy in the twentieth century. 4

4. In the year and one half before 911, Israel invaded
America with the largest foreign spy ring ever uncovered in
American history. Over 200 Israeli operatives were arrested by
the United States Government both preceding and in the
aftermath of 911. These Jewish spies had targeted hundreds of
US officials, many U.S. intelligence and law enforcement
agents, military officers and military installations, Justice
Department officials and even judges. Even more
importantly, they had closely monitored most of those suspected of
being the 911 hijackers, including the leader of the WTC
attack Mohammed Atta. Five of the Israeli spies identified by a
U.S. Government report were so closely monitoring Atta that
they actually lived on the same street in Hollywood,
Florida. These Israeli agents were revealed to have Israeli
Mossad and military backgrounds and repeatedly flunked lie
detector tests administered in the aftermath of the 911
catastrophe. Instead of being prosecuted for their !
 crimes, the Israeli spies were allowed to return to
Israel, even the Israelis who were wire-tapping and monitoring
the hijackers. Traitors in our government let these spies go
because prosecuting them would have been so damaging to
American support for Israel. These spies were released even
though they had extensive knowledge of the al Qaeda terrorist
network that operated in the United States.

5. It is clear that Israel wanted the 911 attack against
America, and Israel knew in advance the details of the
attack, and treacherously did not reveal these details to
American officials, because they needed the attack to accomplish
their objectives against the Palestinians. In 2001, prior to
the 911 attacks, Israel faced increasing opposition from
the leading nations of the world. Israel had recently elected
a murderous war criminal, Ariel Sharon, as Premier, and he
faced indictment in Belgium for war crimes. The U.N. World
Conference on Racism had branded Israel an "Apartheid
State". More and more nations were recognizing the fledging
Palestinian State, and Palestinian suicide attacks in Israel
were increasing political pressure on Israel for a complete
withdrawal from the West Bank.

We know the Israelis had prior knowledge of the attack for
a number of reasons. Israeli agents closely monitored the
hijackers for months before September 11, and hours before
the attack detailed warning messages of the impending WTC
strike were sent to Israeli firms with offices in the World
Trade Center. The FBI admitted it was investigating the
messages received and sent through the Israeli firm Odigo.

The day after the attack, the Jerusalem Post claimed that
4000 Israelis were in the WTC complex. The World Trade
Center, a hub of world finance and trade, housed enterprises
that are well known for their high numbers of Israelis. For
instance, the co-owner of the WTC was himself an Israeli
citizen. Prior warning to Israelis is also confirmed by the
fact that not a single Israeli citizen died at the World Trade
Center in the attack. Even if the
number of Israelis at the WTC was far lower than the 4000
Israelis that the Jerusalem Post estimated, the fact that
not even one Israeli died at the WTC is impossible, unless
there was prior warning to at least some of the Israelis. Of
course, warning to Israeli citizens before the attack
clearly shows direct Mossad and Israeli foreknowledge.

Israeli Mossad agents were actually arrested by the FBI
after they filmed and celebrated the attack on the World Trade
Center. Why would Israeli agents be cheering this
horrendous attack in its first few minutes? Obviously, they knew the
details and expected the attack; they knew that Arabs would
be blamed for it and that this horrendous act would be
extremely beneficial for the extremist, Sharon government. They
knew the attack would take attention off Israel and its
crimes against the Palestinians and allow Sharon to launch a
murderous offensive against the Palestinian Authority.
Furthermore, it would enlist the unequivocal support of the
United States behind Israel.

Until 911, the Palestinian State was achieving increasing
recognition and support around the world, and 911 was the
only way that Sharon could destroy the infrastructure of the
new state. Of course, massive Israeli invasion, bombings,
destruction, arrests, and occupation are precisely what
occurred in the months following 911, and it continues to this
day, a year later. Israel devastated the entire Palestinian
infrastructure, destroyed thousands of homes and
businesses, killing hundreds of civilians in the process. Israeli
leaders knew that in the face of the horrific terrorism of
911, the world's Jewish supremacist press would take the
attention off Sharon's own murderous actions.

Shortly after the horrendous attack on the World Trade
Center on September 11, 2001, I stated the obvious: that the
911 attack would prove to be a pivotal date in world history.
Events since that time have underlined and confirmed that
easy prediction. And so it is throughout history. Major
cataclysmic events seem to presage changes in politics,
economics, wars, nations, but often the events themselves are not
the source of the great changes for good or evil. In fact,
most often the pivotal events in world history simply
punctuate the underlying forces at work.

For instance, take the attack on the Lusitania, which is
held responsible for American involvement in the First World
War. The events behind the submarine torpedo attack were
completely misconstrued to the European and American public.
The press unanimously reported at the time that the
Lusitania did not carry munitions; that Germany made an unprovoked
attack. Of course, over the course of the eight decades
following the sinking, historians have conclusively proved
that the press had lied and that the Lusitania was packed with
contraband munitions and therefore a fair target by the
rules of warfare at the time. The sinking of the Lusitania was
simply a punctuation mark on the underlying powerful forces
that had long sought American participation in the European
war. The sinking of the Lusitania then was not the
underlying cause, but simply provided the raison d'être of American

In the Second World War, most people view the attack on
Pearl Harbor as the catastrophic event that got America into
the war. Or was it? In actual fact, every historian knows
that Roosevelt, along with extremely powerful forces in the
United States, desperately wanted America to enter the war
from its earliest beginnings. In the German/Polish conflict,
Roosevelt himself corresponded with the Polish government
even before September, 1939, falsely made promises of
American support to the Poles and urged them not to agree to
return German citizens and German territory, including the city
of Danzig, separated from Germany since the end of the
First World War.
Roosevelt himself contributed to the Polish intransigence
and a non-peaceful resolution of Germany's quite justified
demands of freedom and self-determination for German people
of the city of Danzig and East Prussia, who had been
divided from their own nation against their will for over twenty

As regards to the so-called "unprovoked" Pearl Harbor
attack, hundreds of released U.S. Government documents and
personal journals reveal clearly that Roosevelt and his
associates desperately sought and intentionally provoked the war
with Japan. He did everything he could to goad the Japanese
into making an initial attack that would justify war.
Roosevelt needed such a cataclysm in the face of overwhelming
popular opposition to American entry in the war. There is even
copious evidence that Roosevelt knew specifically of the
impending attack on Pearl Harbor; but, in probably the
greatest act of treasonous infamy, he purposely did not warn
Pearl Harbor in order to create the catastrophe he so needed to
involve America in the war. Interestingly enough, extensive
documents also reveal that his actions to provoke the
Japanese were actually part of a larger scheme to involve
America in the European war.

In fact, sworn testimony before Congress has shown that
long before Pearl Harbor, Roosevelt had already secretly
ordered American Navy warships to fire on German warships in the
Atlantic, hoping to create an incident that would bring
America into that conflict. Up until after the attack on Pearl
Harbor, the German vessels were under orders to not return
the fire.

So, did the attack on Pearl Harbor cause American entry
into the war, or was the ultimate cause the massive and
successful attempt by Roosevelt to goad the Japanese into an
attack? The attack was simply a spectacular punctuation of
underlying policies of the Roosevelt administration leading
American directly to war with Germany and Japan.

Another good example of people confusing catastrophic
events with the real underlying causes is the American stock
market disaster of the last two years. 911 has taken the blame
for the Stock Market crash. Cataclysmic events have always
supposedly steered the stock exchanges. But, before the 911
attack, the American stock market was already in a tailspin
and the truth is: the 911 attack was only an exclamation
point, signaling the negative underlying forces at work in
the American economy.

The truth is: foreign infiltration and American treason
directly caused 911 and the disastrous events since that time.
The Jewish supremacist power in the American media and
their infiltration into the American government has caused the
911 calamity and the anti-American government restrictions
of liberty since that time. Such a usurpation of power
obviously fears recognition and opposition. People want their
government to be free, honest and responsive to its
citizens, not controlled by an alien power. They will oppose
tyranny by any method they can. So, historically, when a
government goes against the interests of its people, it will
naturally generate resistance from patriotic citizens;
consequently, tyrannies stifle growing opposition by taking away
civil liberties.

More constitutionally guaranteed freedoms have been lost in
the past year than in all 226 years of our nation's
existence. An expanding government with a massive secret police
force can now pry into anyone's personal correspondence or
records without a court order; it can steal and seize private
property at will; and it can do these things without even
informing the citizen of these violations. It can literally
put American citizens in military prisons without even
being charged with a crime, without right of having a lawyer,
without right of bond or even a hearing. It is recruiting
millions of Americans to spy on other Americans in the
example of the Soviet KGB. It is setting up concentration camps
able to incarcerate thousands of Americans at a moment's
notice. Government officials are now even talking of the need
to legalize torture of those they deem enemies.

Ultimately al Qaeda cannot take our freedom away. As
American citizens, only our government can do that, and that is
precisely what is happening. At this moment, it prepares for
a war against Iraq, a war that will be fought against Iraq,
but actually against America and our best interests! Such a
war can only hurt the United States; it will make us hated
around the world. Far from protecting our security, it will
jeopardize it; for it will inspire worldwide hatred and
terrorist attacks against us for years to come. It will be
fought for only one reason; a foreign power is controlling our
nation. We are like a puppet doing the bidding of our
master, the nation of Israel and its "amen corner" in the press
and political power structure of America.

Let's take a look at the reasons touted by the media for
this war against Iraq:
Iraq has weapons of mass destruction.

We cannot be sure that Iraq has weapons of mass
destruction, but if it does, it is not the only one; the truth is that
Israel has illegally acquired a massive arsenal of
biological, chemical, and nuclear weapons. It is even develops
biological "ethnic bombs", using genetic markers to kill only

Iraq doesn't allow weapons inspections.

Israel, with one of the world's biggest caches of illegal
weapons, allows no inspections, not even from the nation
that has supplied Israel with the great bulk of its military
arsenal. If we are truly opposed to the spread of "weapons
of mass destruction", why doesn't America simply require
inspections of Israel's weapon facilities as a condition of US

Iraq has violated United Nations resolutions

Israel has repeatedly violated United Nations resolutions,
including orders to withdraw from the military occupied
West Bank.

Iraq supports terrorism and terrorists

The truth is that Israel is by far the worst terrorist
nation on earth. It invaded Lebanon and killed tens of
thousands; it routinely bombs and kills civilians in the West Bank.
It tortures tens of thousands of Palestinian detainees; it
sends murder squads throughout the world to kill its
enemies. It not only supports mass-murderers like Ariel Sharon,
it elects them to lead their nation! Iraq has not been
proven to commit terrorism against any other nation; yet, Israel
has even committed terrorism against the United States of
America as in the Lavon Affair and the attack on the USS

Saddam is a madman who threatens peace

The truth is that Ariel Sharon has even threatened to start
World War III, if just one Israeli diplomat is killed. To
quote Sharon.

".Let them be aware in Washington, Moscow, Damascus and
China that if one of our ambassadors is shot, or even a consul
or the most junior embassy official, we might start World
War Three just like that!"

He is the man held personally responsible (even by an
Israeli commission) for the cold-blooded murder of 1500
Palestinian civilians in the Sabre and Chatila camps in Beirut.

Even though America went to war against Iraq in the Gulf
War, resulting in the death of hundreds of thousands of Iraqi
soldiers and civilians, and has supported a blockade and
boycott of that nation, resulting in the deaths of hundreds
of thousands of children and elderly, Iraq has not committed
any acts of terrorism against the United States. Israel on
the other hand, which would not even exist, except for
American help and support, has committed acts of murder and
terrorism against America as well as terribly damaging our
national security through Jonathan Pollard's espionage case.

Of course, war with Iraq is completely against the most
vital interests of the United States, but what does that
matter when Jewish supremacists like Ariel Sharon dictate to
America. The facts I have outlined in this Duke Report: the
Israeli treachery in 911, the Israeli terrorism against
America and the Palestinians, the fact that Israel is far more
guilty of every transgression for which we condemn Saddam
Hussein and Iraq; these are obvious things. They are really
irrefutable things, but through the Zionist control of the
media, most Americans never even think of them. Instead,
they parrot back blatant lies such as "they attacked us
because they hate our freedom." No, they attacked us not even
because they hate us, but because they hate those who control
us and use us. They oppose us because Jewish supremacists
can commit terrorism and oppression against the occupied
Palestinians because they occupy Washington DC, and they
occupy the key positions in media to keep us ignor!
 ant of these things!

And that is why they now must go about their task of taking
away every vestige of our American constitutional
liberties. That is why they must get the concentration camps ready
and talk about the need to torture people. They know that
the truth will eventually reach the more intelligent and
observant of the American people; and, when they discover that
Jewish supremacists have taken over their media, their
government and that their freedom is gone, they will be mad as
hell and not willing to take it anymore.

This has been David Duke and these are a few of my latest

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