brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

John Knight jwknight at
Thu Sep 12 13:18:34 EST 2002

How old are you, lojbab?  About 12?

This isn't your most childish post ever, but since you keep being reminded
that such posts are childish, it's amazing that you never learn--though
calling you "childish" is an insult to most children, as they usually learn
after the tenth time.

John Knight

ps--if you want the rest of the email addresses, just ask.  They will be
cheerfully listed for all to see.

"Bob LeChevalier" <lojbab at> wrote in message
news:qni0oukqemktuto9htbknlktvfe112qer6 at
> John Knight <FmanifestoKnight at> wrote:
> John Knight <johnknight at> wrote:
> John Knight <jwknight at> wrote:
> People take note.  In multiply posting this message, the nincompoop
> has let slip 3 of his addresses that he can use when he gets kicked
> off his current ISP.
> lojbab

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