brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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Hear, hear!!!!

John Knight

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  "If you are capable of reason, John, and your post calls that into question, you must accept the fact that your stance makes you an accessory after the fact. You have made of yourself, a willing, fellow traveler with those who would destroy your own country. Sleep well while you can. For your own anger and bitterness will destroy you."

  John, who ever this fool is, I must respond to his total ignorance of what this country is to represent. NEVER was this nation to be dictated by ignorant fools such as cnsrvchuck. Indeed, Thomas Jefferson believed in an educated populace. But, not a society of brain-washed lemmings. 

  As a descendent whose family has shed their blood in EVERY war this nation was involved in, in addition to the six members of my family that died in the revolutionary war on behalf of the colonists, and to the prior King Philips War of 1676 and the Battle of the Pond in 1725, I STATE with conviction to the knowledge of my family's history as it relates to the history of the colonies, that John Knight is RIGHT.  The jews at that time were KNOWN to be the cause of the corruption and blasphemy in England with the royalty. The colonists knew full-well the trouble caused by jews and they were subsequently GREATLY restricted from any type of trade where they would become perverters of the common law. Cnsrvchuck, this is NOT your nation. It is mine through the blood of my ancestors who made it a free nation for white Israelite Christians. There is a battle on the horizon, and the so-called Judeo-Christians will be cut down with the devils they have been deceived by. Wake up Israel!! The sounds of TRUTH are calling!!!
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