brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> mentifex at (Arthur T. Murray) wrote:
> >dd at (Dan Drake) wrote:
> >>> [...] Einstein was born in Ulm and reared by Germans,
> >>> but did he marry a Yugoslav, or what nationality?
> >>
> >>[...] Yes, his first wife, Mileva Maric, was Serbian.
> >>(Yugoslavia had not been invented at that time.)
> >
> >What happened to Einstein's brain after his death?
> >Was it in any way unusual, apart from being awfully smart?
> Do not post religious articles about prophets or philosophy to
> sci.physics. Thanks. Einstein was not a phycisist, he was a
> philosophyst and a crank.
> --
> jos

And an idiot, plagiarist, LIAR, STUPID, math moron, college drop, without
colleagues who "dreamed" up things White men published 1-2 decades earlier,
and never cited.

It's truly embarassing that so many Americans bought this LIE.

John Knight

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