The Meme Machine unleashed, according to Susan Blackmore.

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Sun Sep 15 15:29:15 EST 2002

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> In rec.arts.sf.written, Simon Laub <silanian at> wrote:
> Please do not crosspost random philosophical rants to a bunch of
> unrelated newsgroups.

It is of course your opinion that these are just "random philosophical
rants" :-)
According to memetics (Blackmore) they are not. There they are highly
relevant to
the inner working of the brain. And an evolutionary system in itself.

I cross posted to two sf groups, as I think/thought it would be interesting
to hear if anyone there can remember seeing these ideas explored in that
context. As you might know, sf authors sometimes point to
interesting things to come.

Please argue against the "rants" rather than just try to kill the discussion
before it gets started.

And btw. I am not saying that I am "believer" in memetics. I am just
interested !


Simon Laub

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