brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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<> Are you suggesting that it's not rational to point out that Einstein was a

>   It's rational, and dishonest.  Your "evidence" is distortion and lies.
> You could never equal the achievements of Einstien, inded you could never
> equal what you claim he achieved.  How could he get people to believe his
> work was original when there was published evidence to the contray?  You
> are lying as usual. 

Did you look at the articles he cites?  It's a bit hard to overlook
the fact that they're mutually contradictory, wildly so, with
his lead article claiming that Relativity is the foundation
of modern physics, but was stolen from a bunch of dead Aryans, and
another article maintaining that Relativity itself is a hoax
from start to finish.  I suppose the synthesis of these is
that Einstein is a dastard for having stolen good Aryan hoaxes.

In any event, John doesn't understand a word of any of these, either
from the historical point of view or from the scientific.  If you
challenge him, he'll just gesticulate wildly but mutely in the
direction of this particular page.  And if you challenge him further
to debate any of the specifics, he'll shriek and scuttle away.
Believe me, I know.  I tried to get him to discuss the fact
that Einstein actually derived from first principles what for Lorentz 
and FitzGerald had been an exercise in ad-hoccery, and the resulting
silence would have made your ears ache.

But you will learn things, such as if you derive any equation
in which the Boltzmann Constant appears, you're plagarizing
old Ludwig.  So much for every thermodynamics book in your 
local library.  And since Special Relativity exists in 
elliptical space, Einstein was a plagerist for not crediting
Riemann -- which would make every non-relativistic physics article
an act of theft unless they credit Euclid.  I myself am a plagarist,
having provided software which uses the equation:

        a^2 + b^2 = c^2
without a nod to Pythagoras, but then again, so was he -- ol'
Pyggy, as we used to refer to him back in the day, never mentioned 
all those dead Egyptians.

-- cary

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