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Very well said, and 100% agreed.

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"By the way, salvation is by grace, not by race. "

Okay, John:

It is time for me to speak! The obvious response is to answer the false assertion made by the Rev-vi. I will say the impossible here, but I want you to THINK. Where does Christ Jesus ever emphasize salvation to us on earth? The Holy Apostles were SENT out into the world to spread the Word of the COMNG Kingdom of God. Indeed, as blue as the sky is above us, our Father always emphasizes the coming Kingdom of God. 
What was His Mission? When He prayed to God in the garden that night and stated that He accomplished God's directive, this was indeed before his crucifixion. So we can throw out ALL his redemptive work. That hadn't happened yet. Well, what was Jesus' actual mission? If he didn't come to save us from our sins by DYING, and He told God He'd done what He was sent to do, we should be able to find out what He in fact did. It should have been something BIG enough to include the whole world. Agreed? The rev-vi will need to search Jesus' activities during that three and half years before He died and ask what did Jesus come to do? Surely, His activities will include acts that pertain to that specific Mission, even though there will be many other notable accomplishments; ergo, like getting money out of a fish's mouth (a display of our Father's pedagogical display of Authority over Dagon, the popular pagan fish god.). So, what was Jesus mission?

Was it to cleanse the Temple? Hardly, this doesn't have worldwide ramifications.

Was it to feed the hungry? TRher are too many people that are still hungry.

Was it to heal? Then why didn't he heal more? And what about our sickness and infirmity? 

Was it to cast out devils? For the fortunate few. 

Was it to show God's reality by doing miracles? Indeed, only God could raise the dead. There. are too many people who are dead for this to be Jesus' prime Mission. Wouldn't you agree? Besides, proving God's reality wasn't really a major factor at this time in history.

These last five activities of Christ, while of value, did't fit with His statement of HIS Mission. Was the cleansing, feeding, healing, raising, and casting done for "lost sheep of the House of Israel?"

Was it to go preaching the Kingdom of God? Clearly, one of His main occupations? Now, finally we have a recourse where we can expand into the world frame of what He was known for. God's Kingdom WILL be on the Earth, but not the "tekum" one-world nation as the jews believe. And though there is ample Scripture to show that Jesus went preaching the Kingdom of God, what actually happened to that message after his death?

Was it to train up a small band of disciples? Was the Mission to give them certain wisdom to begin disseminating to the rest of the world? 

Was it to send these disciples to humanity with a message of worldwide significance? Yes, it must have been so. But what was that message? It was not the message of SALVATION!! 

He had NOT been crucified yet, remember? The message had to be that of the COMING Kingdom. Salvation is a RESULT of the Kingdom. The cart cannot EVER be put before the cart. Rev-vi speaks of "salvation is grace." Our Father spoke THIS of the coming Kingdom of God. Salvation and grace ARE a result of God's Kingdom to come. By no means has that Kingdom come to pass. The rev-vi is fundamentally wrong. The jews believe in a similar belief of "Tekum," which is a Masonic related ordinance of belief, similar to that of the Tower of Babel when they attempted to uplift the earth to the level of heaven. There is actually NO SALVATION for the living on earth. Only Christ Jesus accomplished this. Rev-vi better start waking up and preaching the WORD of GOD. It is the COMING Kingdom of Heaven that needs to be spoken instead of confusing "salvation" and "grace" of heaven with earthly race!!!!!!  Instead, the race war he ignores is an absolute WAR of the unchosen against the chosen Israelites. INDEED, this rev-vi is passing FALSE jewish doctrine to others. Verily I state the truth, he is causing others to stumble as he has. And speaking as he has, he is a false prophet and doesn't know the Word of God. 
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