brain sizes: Einstein's and women's

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> <> > > and intelligence for humans.
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> <Wrong on both counts.  Einstein's brain was very small, and there is a
> <direct correlation between brain size and intelligence
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> Yes?  How, then, did he manage to pull off the greatest hoax
> in the history of science?
> Well?...
> -- cary

It's true that jews actually do consider their ability to LIE and CHEAT and
STEAL and live off WELFARE from White Christian Israelite nations, to be one
of their greatest assets, but that's far from being a respectable "skill" in
this Christian nation.

He LIED and plagiarized and honest Christians in this Christian nation
didn't expect it.  He had help from worldwide zionism, of which he was a
leading member.  Just like the terrorist at the controls of a multi-million
dollar jumbo jet which crashes into one of the world's tallest buildings,
the manufacture of which took the collective resources of millions of
employees and centuries of organizational skills that the terrorist could
never hope to attain, destroying it all wouldn't require more than a few
hours of instruction--Microsoft Flight Simulator for the terrorist, and
copies of papers PUBLISHED in Europe for Einstein.

When the jews have such control of our media that they'd put a STUPID
Einstein on the front cover of Time, over hundreds of other more qualified
(and HONEST) candidates, it's a no-brainer to realize how they managed to
promulgate this LIE for so long.

John Knight

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